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Man, since the server closed, i've been searching for a similar place. there hasn't been. i wish i could still occasionally look at the dynamap and see all the builds. i found out that it's been 4 years since i joined. time passes. i've been gradually getting better at building, i've matured in life, gotten an apprenticeship for an IT company, life couldn't be better. i've been learning for languages in general. 1/2
Sometimes i just return to the forums and the discord server just for nostalgias sake. supernoobs has a place in my heart.

I wish everyone good luck in life, happiness and genuine hope that everything goes well!
i'm happy to know that i was part of this while it lasted. it's something i'll never forget. *ever*.
thanks, akselj2.
Hi everyone! I came by the forums feeling nostalgic. If you're looking to reconnect you can find me on the supernoobs discord. <3
Anyone gathering at a new home away from home? There's no place like Scarlet, there's no place like Scarlet, there's no place like Scarlet ...
To find the heart of the players, you must go to the heart of the map. 0, 64, 0 Come leave your goodbyes for Color.
I'm thinking of rejoining the server, but I'm still unsure. One thing I want to know before joining is how many people still actually play on here. The community was one of the best parts of the server so I want to make sure it's not gone before rejoining. thx if anyone sees this. :D
Actually, there's a little community of new people forming on the server. They clearly want to make the server populated. I think they'd like it if you'd help them with that by playing/inviting people.

TL;DR: Join, there's players that need friends!
I'm still here! (hlchristensen42)
have any of you seen the new zenyatta skin for year of the dog lunar new year??? ITS AMAZING AND I WANT IT SO MUCH AHAAGAHGAHAGHAGAHGAHAG
shit i meant year of the pig and only just realized
How should we revive supernoobs? anyone got any ideas
Analyse what made it lively initially and build on that. Or just put boobs in the thumbnail. That seems to work too
I keep checking the forums every week or so, but still no items from the 1.12 map...
As Harrumi and NotSo have touched upon: communication from the owner about open issues/updates/handover information (or is he back after his "IDGAF about this server for now, figure it out without me" furlough? No one knows), instead of what we got:

"butts" -- colorfulchew, January 25th, 2019

But nah, that's just silly! I'm silly!
Unfortunately i think everyone is super busy with their lives and just put supernoobs on hold, we had a staff meeting few weeks ago and everyone were given some tasks to do and hopefully we will see supernoobs being revived around summer time. I would hate to see this server go.
This year is completely different from last year. I remember last year, i was talking to a bunch of people, but now, no one to talk to. Where are you guys? Miss ya. Hope to see you soon. Let the server live!