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Man, since the server closed, i've been searching for a similar place. there hasn't been. i wish i could still occasionally look at the dynamap and see all the builds. i found out that it's been 4 years since i joined. time passes. i've been gradually getting better at building, i've matured in life, gotten an apprenticeship for an IT company, life couldn't be better. i've been learning for languages in general. 1/2
Sometimes i just return to the forums and the discord server just for nostalgias sake. supernoobs has a place in my heart.

I wish everyone good luck in life, happiness and genuine hope that everything goes well!
i'm happy to know that i was part of this while it lasted. it's something i'll never forget. *ever*.
thanks, akselj2.
Hi everyone! I came by the forums feeling nostalgic. If you're looking to reconnect you can find me on the supernoobs discord. <3