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Hey Noobs! Was hoping someone might have some screen shots of the coordinates for the spawn on the 12.2 map. Let me know if you do! I'm trying to find my home.
i might but idk where it is in a different cpu
I'm thinking of rejoining the server, but I'm still unsure. One thing I want to know before joining is how many people still actually play on here. The community was one of the best parts of the server so I want to make sure it's not gone before rejoining. thx if anyone sees this. :D
Actually, there's a little community of new people forming on the server. They clearly want to make the server populated. I think they'd like it if you'd help them with that by playing/inviting people.

TL;DR: Join, there's players that need friends!
I'm still here! (hlchristensen42)
have any of you seen the new zenyatta skin for year of the dog lunar new year??? ITS AMAZING AND I WANT IT SO MUCH AHAAGAHGAHAGHAGAHGAHAG
shit i meant year of the pig and only just realized