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World Spawn

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Is there a plan to build a world spawn or transfer spawn from the old world? I only ask because world spawn is kinda sad. I am willing to contribute my skills (or lack there of) or resources or anything else to help improve the server.

We definately need to do something to entice new players to stay and look around.


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I agree something should be done as quickly as possible to finish spawn, I can also contribute anything needed.


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Many of us have been contributing and cleaning things up around world spawn. Lots of grief and general lameness. There is a new world spawn at /t spawn spawn. I suppose it simply hasnt been linked in. Color hopefully will have some spare time some day and will transfer the old or link the new. It's totally cool to improve around the existing world spawn but keep in mind it may not be around for very long. Which is why none of us have put too much time into it. I think our best bet to keep players around is to treat them well and help them get started on scarlet.
oh cool, also btw when I type in /t spawn spawn it says that "spawn isn't registered". Why would this be? Is that meant to happen? Am I just dumb? (probably). Can you just explain this?