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We've got Valentines, crates, sales, quests, and to top it all off I made a you a Kitten

Discussion in 'Server News' started by colorfulchew, Feb 14, 2017.

By colorfulchew on Feb 14, 2017 at 3:23 AM
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    Valentines Day Shiyut
    Valentines Day is here! And despite my University level procrastination skills, I HAVE SOMETHING DONE! The Valentines crate can be found at /warp crate, though if we're completely honest some things might not be 100% working properly just yet. Oh well!

    To celebrate the love of the noobs and the cupids and the spuds we have implemented the sales and the stuff. The important thing is that I'm super sleepy right now and just want to go to bed, so cutting to the skimmies the sale is -33.33% off, and will last for the day and the next day.

    Shout out to Orion his quest team for rocking the Valentines quests for yet another holiday, and you guys should all go check out what they've been doing! I should probably ask Orion for more details on where people can find the quests now huh?

    Boring Change-Log Shiyut

    • Completely killed Hyperconomy
    • ShopChests soon™ (I was hustling with the crate)
    • New Crate: Valentine's Crate!
      • Some new gimmicks!
    • Added Whiskers! The helpful chat bot!
      • Ask the bot questions, it actually helps me train
      • Ask your questions with whiskers, question
      • (he now only responds to Whiskers)
    • Rewrote Noob+ plugin
    • Noob+ now bypasses duplicate messages check
    • Removed MinecraftServerStatus, and minecraft-servers-list due to exploit.
    • Removed the $500 per each vote and increased the number of points from each vote to 5
    • All points from uSkyblock island levels have been distributed
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by colorfulchew, Feb 14, 2017.

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