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Weekend Maintenance Conclusion.. a.k.a. We 1.13 now bois.

Hey, thanks for your patience while I worked on stuff! I think I saw someone say there should be some big new features this weekend, but sadly no. This weekend was much more about getting rid of some technical debt so that I can work on getting new features added. I haven't slept, so don't judge me if I do something dumb in this post.

In case you are curious what happened, well, I downgraded our hardware in some respects.

Our previous server box had...
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz (8 Physical, 16 logical threads)
128 GB DDR4 (no speed listed... Maybe should do some digging while I still have it...)
2 x 480 GB SSDs

The new server box has
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz
64 GB DDR4 (no speed listed... maybe should do some more digging while I still have it)
2 x 960 GB NVMe SSDs
1 x 4 TB HDD

It's about $100 cheaper monthly for me, and while a bit of a down grade, there's benefits to be had with this configuration. For one, the hard drive speed is important for loading.

As far as running the servers, I've switched to using a panel that creates each server as a Docker container. This allows me to create some new safe guards! For instance, one of the common issues I've had is a server spewing out a giant file that fills the disk (and in turn the backup). To safeguard against this, I'll be setting a limit to how much each server can consume. If the server exceeds their disk limit they will be terminated before harm happens to them (or the other servers!)

There's a lot of other neat tricks... But... There's a few limitations I should address....

Sooo... You know how I said I was addressing technical debt? Well. I broke a lot. I'm tired. I'm not sure how much more I can fix tonight. It's mostly working. but. I don't entirely know what's not working. SO. Beware of ghosts! If you see something. Report it! I'll try and squash most the bugs this weekend before I'm back to the labors of school and work!

The biggest thing that seems to be broken is the Lobby. The map data is corrupted, and it's gotten to the point for me where I can't focus enough to copy the lobby back over.... SLEEPPPPPPP TIME.

Goodnight noobs. And Merry Halloweenmas.
Hope you slept well, 'coz I got some work for ya ;)

Seems down:
* dynmap
* warps
* Displaying # of votes in chat when hovering over player name: {ultimatevotes_monthlyvotes} is displayed instead
* /RTP (overworld and exploratorium)
* Vote claiming
* Boss shop? (There was a new command, right? No longer /bs?)
* /craft menu
* Backpack (expected, but still thought I'd report it) ;)

* Homes
* AH
* Jobs
* MCMMO (can you update the plugin plx? autoplanting should be fixed)
* Marriage
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I've noticed:
- hopper minecarts are randomly stopped and/or duplicating themselves
- minecart unloaders don't seem to be working
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