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Website 2.0

Hey all,

I took some time to do some pretty massive updates to the website. It included invalidating all previous code that we were using, so you should expect that somethings are broken, and new features are here.

Most notably missing from the current version of the website is the ability to link your Minecraft account. If your account is already linked, fret not, your account is still linked. However- it'll take me a little to learn the changes made to the websites framework and rewrite the code for the linking feature.
Also missing is our application system for being promoted to staff.

These features will make their way back to the site when back. In the mean time, I hope that you enjoy some of the new goodies.

I will also be playing around with different themes and color schemes for you to customize the site with. This was always sort of a not super noticeable feature, but obviously worth mentioning now because of a new website design. Simply scroll down to the bottom, and choose a color scheme, and choose a new color scheme from the paint brush selector on the left. Best of luck to you noobs, and have a great Sunday!


This darker theme is easy on my eyes and I like it. Going to explore a bit and see what fun features are new.