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Violet, New shinies, Reworking Azure, and Rules: Noobiest Edition™

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TLDR; Violet is coming, 1.11 shinies, rules are for fools!

Greetings folks! I'm here to confirm that yes, Violet will be launching tomorrow. The network will be offline starting at 12AM MST GMT-7 (December 2st), and will offline until 5AM MST GMT-7 (December 2nd) Violet will be our first ever Factions server. So bear with us as we as staff acclimate to the new systems, and growing pains as we expand to the new digs. In addition this server will the first 1.11 server on supernoobs.net.

Tonight will also be the first major test for 1.11 on Scarlet. All things permitting, by tomorrow Scarlet will be running 1.11. That being said, there's still always a chance that the server is not updated.

As many of who have tried Azure know, it's a little bit of a cluster fuck at the moment. Azure was launched a few years ago riddled with issues, and hasn't ever really had a major reset. Well- today I'm announcing coming in the next month we will be resetting Azure. All islands, members, backpacks, and inventory data will be reset. We will be granting players bonuses based on the current island level of the player. In the case of an island with more than one member, all four members will receive the same rewards on the reset server.

As part of the reset, I plan to have a working nether, larger island spaces, and reworked anticheat measures. In addition the shop prices will be touched up, spawners will be added, and the voting crate will be reworked.


So, I've been wanting to touch these up for quite a while and am just now getting around to drafting all of these. These are not set in stone, and are meant to reflect the values of the community. Minimizing misunderstanding between staff and players is a number one priority. Being reasonable with our rules makes this place what it is. The wiki, /rules, and signs in spawn will be updated tomorrow with these rules, however I am still willing to change these based on feedback from the community.

  1. No Harassment. Treat others with respect
  2. Swearing is allowed, but it's still a coarse PG-13. A fuck is okay every once in a while.
  3. No abusing exploits, or hacks for unfair advantage
  4. No trolling in chat. Baiting other players into a fight will result in ban.
  5. Don't advertise other servers for gain
  6. Don't spam chat. Don't repeat characters or messages. No countdowns. Keep sentences to one line.
  7. Use the appropriate chat channel for your audience
  8. Comply with staff requests without complaining.
  9. English in only in gen chat. Common phrases/greetings such as Hola, Guten Tag are acceptable.
  • No stealing/raiding/scamming/griefing
  • No stealing/scamming/griefing
  • Mini-Maps with mob/player locations are against the rules.
  • Important Stealing/Raiding IS allowed. Grief in the form of building offensive symbols or real life is still not allowed.
  • AFK pools are bannable

Notable differences:
  • Don't advertise other servers for gain. Friends who invite a friend to play on a server won't be punished. People who are advertising for the purpose of gaining additional players, or with the intent of harming our server will be banned as usual.
  • Reworded things to avoid "permitted" and "prohibited" as younger players and non-English speakers can sometimes be confused by the wording.
  • Spam rules have been changed up quite a bit to account for the new chat control plugin.
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Really nice work on the new rules Color. I feel like the whole community has had some input in setting them, and I'm happy to have some of the stickier points clarified. They're more inclusive and more, I dunno, common-sense. Merci!
Well i've gone for a big fat general I Like IT! and a mix of excitement and trepidation *clentch* :p Looks like i'll be revisiting Azure (I did wonder if the Vogon's had anything to do with the planning there, :eek: ) and starting from scratch, but i'm sure we'll all be the better for it, :D All-in-All, a hearty well done, Jolly good job old boy :D
Ya know, Im actually looking forward to the azure reset. Its been a little boring having completed everything and now I will have the joy of planning out my island better than before. Any idea what the island bonuses will be?
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