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Two-step verification app not allowing me to sign onto the site.

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Browser and version:
Google Chrome. Version 63.0.3239.13

Operating system and version:
Windows 10 Pro version 1607

Mobile device:
Attempted to log on with my iPad and cellular phone, but still got the same results.

Description of issue:
I have Google's authentication app linked to my main account, Qwark, for two-step verification. In the past, I've been successful with logging onto this site using the provided verification codes. Now, however, I'm unable to log in when I enter the codes.

I've cleared my cookies/cache, as well as used other devices with different IP's and still no dice. Other sites that I have set up with same two-step verification app still work as normal. It's just this site in particular :p



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I've had this happen to me (ikr?) when using Authy. Not entirely sure why it happens, but I've disabled your two factor auth for now so you can get back into your account. The forums have a bug in their 2FA implementation it seems :\


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Yeah, that's strange. Oh well! I'll use the email verification from here on out. Thanks for resolving it <3