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Solved Towny Perms

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I made a public farm for my town and set the chunks as farm chunks. When my town residents wanted to use the farm, they couldn't. Farm plots are supposed to allow residents to break and place only crops... But on this server they can't.
FirePenguin said to just make build and destroy allowed on the plot but that will allow people to grief on the plot :(

Please fix? ty
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It should only allow build and destroy of crops with those settings. Was someone able to grief it?


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TL;DR : Set the /plot perms to allow for building and destroying. The way the config is written they still will only be able to build and destroy the blocks allowed by farm plots ^-^

Sorry, towny is quite the config to dig through, but here is what I found on the subject. Take note especially on the underlined portions:

# List of blocks which can be modified on farm plots, as long as player is also allowed in the plot's '/plot perm' line.

The best way I've found to explain this would be this snippet from this link = http://towny.palmergames.com/towny/757-2/#Plot_Types
Which states:

"A Farm plot allows players to only build/destroy blocks designated in the Towny Config.yml at global_town_settings.farm_plot_allow_blocks. By default this list includes "LONG_GRASS, DOUBLE_PLANT, YELLOW_FLOWER, RED_ROSE, PUMPKIN_STEM, MELON_STEM, BEETROOT_BLOCK, CARROT, POTATO, CROPS, MELON_BLOCK, PUMPKIN".

Who can build/destroy these blocks is still determined by the plot's perm line seen in the /plot perm screen. This means that if B=rao, anyone can plant/place the allowed blocks in the plot. If the B=r-- then only town residents can plant/place the allowed blocks."

I'm glad you ran across this problem to be honest, because no one ever uses farm plots so I didn't really know about this either as I myself have never used them. So today we both learned something maybe? : ')

Also this means Enzi is correct and that setting the perms to allow building and destroying is necessary, but it will only allow them to build/destroy the designated blocks. Hope this helps!
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