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Super Noobs 2017 Network Goals

Hello folks! And happy new year. I know many of you have started a new school year just as I have, and while I'm busy I still intend on growing the community. There are specific ideas that I'm somewhat working on, but I wanted to share with you, the community the goals that I had in mind. I hope that you all have a wonderful year, and thank you for sticking around through thick and thin. You're the best, and I wouldn't change a damned thing about you.
2017 Goals
  • Build better bridges to other servers
  • Bring the other servers up to class with Scarlet
  • Gather more feedback from players
  • Experiment with new ideas in a safe environment
  • Pivot staff focus from punishment to creation and service
  • Create more flexible donation methods that allows players to have a rank
  • Create more autonomous systems for helping players resolve issues
  • Provide more regular communication of changes. Bring back the change log!
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