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Super Noobs 1.9 & Scarlet 3.0

If this post doesn't cover everything, PLEASE, read the FAQ

As many of you surely know by now, Minecraft 1.9 was released today. I've rewritten those post many different times in planning for 1.9, but now is the time to start talking about our plans for 1.9. And so, yes. We will be updating to 1.9

Azure, and Ruby fall into the category of not having very many version specific features, and should be relatively easy to get upgraded. By the end of the week that portion of supernoobs.net should be all running on 1.9.

Scarlet however is an old horse. And well, to put things lightly, I'm going to shoot that horse in the head. It's been a little over two years since the last time we had a world reset on Scarlet. And it's high time that we finally reset it. So, in the coming week, a 1.9 version of Scarlet will be run in parallel to the current 1.8 server. This allows us to bring features of plugins online as they become available to us.

And so along with shooting that horse in the head, it's important to note, you will not transfer your money. In the coming weeks I'll be hopefully building a vault system in which we will transfer items, but it will be in extremely limited quantities. Hold onto your butts people. Going to be a bumpy road.

Along with the bumps, we just want to make life for the admins even more hell. So after a very brief discussion. I'm happy to say that we'll be building a system to allow players to choose between a vault or WorldEdit. Extra Edit:(decided we could accomplish our intent with less confusion, hopefully for everyone) Basically the choice between items or build. With the world edit we will be removing chests, hoppers, droppers, furnaces. We have not decided on the size of the WorldEdit allotted to each player, but will be talking about more in the future.
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So there will be a way to get to each server, right? It'd have to be two different IPs. What will the new server's IP be?
Will we be able to move something like our town? I have a shit ton of builds that I really don't want to not be able to move to the new server. The 1.9 version will obviously have more players, so I will want to be on that, but I don't want to have to start all over :/
I'm personally very excited about this. Fresh starts are always very nice and this will be a very good change for the server imo.
I agree with Chloe I'm really excited about this. Also color have you decided how much people can being over yet? I would really like to know so I don't have to scramble last minute to decide what I want. Also another reason is so I can decide now so I don't have to worry about it.
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But... but... but... The Ocean Monument work ...the Jungle Love Shack... The Castle on the Cliff... My Millions! Soo much time... so many late nights and gallons of beer...

I don't think I'll be giving the old server an "IP" per say. /server oldscarlet is most likely.
Well, the thing is, it would only work if Minecraft is running in that version. If you are doing /server oldscarlet, that would mean you are in 1.9 trying to play in 1.8. It just wouldn't work. An IP to put o the server list would be the way to not have to access azure to get onto the old scarlet
I think maybe if the size of Scarlet was displayed, for exactly how much data it uses, people may have a more open mind. A world reset would pretty much have to be done at one stage, and doing it on a new update is the perfect time for it. Scarlet right now is a big server with high performance demands, and needs a good kick up the ass to get functioning wholeheartedly better (I'm sure you all know the hard work color has done recently to cater to scarlet's issues).

The point here is, is that it's bound to happen at one stage, and players will lose things one way or the other. Like color said though, you can choose for a World Edit to bring some of your builds over, if that is preferable, so you would not be starting from scratch.

The money, on the other hand, also needs a kick up the ass. Everyone knows how bad Scarlet's economy is, and it's time to give it a good revamp.

All in all, I'm excited for it. I've built my town to the dickens, and it's time to give it a nice fresh start. Can't wait!

I had just started thinking about starting over anyway!

How does the points system work with the coming 1.9 server? will all my saved/unspent points carry over, or will you start from scratch there too?
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Will there be any additions/improvements other then the update? Any new mods? changes to existing ones? Would we get a vote?
I'm Kinda excited and not at the same time. 2 years later here we are... if there is a vote i would like a few plots to build things on to transfer... losing money is whatever but all the stuff i spent real money on i want, plots items so forth... its a lot of money.... a refund? What are the options on items and things you bought with $$? I know i am not the only one donated a good amount of money to this server. what do you guys think? (to donators)
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There are only a few things I'm loathe to leave behind:
* My villager spawner
* Special tools and items (like the +0.1 speed armour, omfg) ^^
* My villagers... took me hours to get the current selection of 'em - I fear I'll have to get new ones on the new server though...

I'm looking forward to the "item" option for transferring to 1.9 - how much space will we get? :)
I'm more interested in what the new world will bring. Any plans for additional mods? (portable horses perhaps) I don't really see a need to RUSH the new server. take your time and get it right.