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Staff changes, Server updates

Hey Noobs. We've been pretty stagnant with our staff structure with promotions, and some of you by now have probably noticed that a few changes have been made already, but I've grown bored of typing sentences, so the rest of this post will be bullet lists because we all know you don't read my rambling anyways.

New Rules
  • Added rule to disallow AFK jobs farms
  • New rules acceptance plugin
  • Stone tools are now granted when you accept the rules
  • ShopChests are fixed
  • Donations are now routed through Scarlet instead of needing to get on OldScarlet
  • Towny ranks from the last server (Comayor, Builder) have been added
  • Dynmap is back
  • Internally our quests plugin has been restored
What to expect in the coming weeks
  • Jobs experience transfer
  • /menu and point shops to spend points on
  • Quests
  • Spawn
  • Server shop
  • Halloween event and crate
  • Item Transfers
  • Helper Quiz bot and new staff app process
  • New Creator rank and team
New Staff Changes
  • Admin (Manages plugins n' junk)
    • NekoHunter :D <3
  • Head Mod (Manages other staff)
    • Kerplunky
    • NoNiche
    • SlapMyNuts
  • Moderator
    • Sallavar
    • TieableCookie
    • AKnowz
Lots of unmentioned demotions due to not having logged in to 1.13


Congrats to our dear promoted staff <3
Will the jobs experience be in addition to what we've already obtained in this new world?
What will the Creator team's role consist of?
Looking like an exciting and productive couple of weeks ahead of us, keep up the good work!