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So... now what?

main spawn as a town where everyone can claim a small plot? a server thing rather than a nation thing, so everyone can still do their own thing, but also be a part of some thing MUCH bigger.


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I'm still on board @Kerplunky . I've joined Pengi's town and have just been working on some odds and ends. Granted I haven't had much time to spare lately anyway. The way I see it we need the server in order first and foremost, then we'll bring over or build a spawn, THEN we can start making a shopping district around spawn with a legacy town surrounding it. At least that's how I'm picturing it.


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... I for one have claimed a very small space and will continue to build there but am still holding out for this legacy town or building spawn as a city. ... Its also difficult if we were to do this on our own considering plot claim limitations and lack of funding so far. I really would like to manage this but we just have to have the resources to do it.
Yep. Sums it up well. I'm working on a Ocean monument at the moment which could be used as a spawner for the town, or I could keep as a personal retreat. For now it's make money, gather resources and prepare for eventual network domination.