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Rereintroduction - Dutch

Gib Dutch Cookiez

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So hello, I thought it might be nice of me to reintroduce myself. The first forum post I found from myself dates back to the 10th of November 2015, that's quite a while ago!

However, I haven't played much since late 2015. To be precise I have been gone since then until around the 4th of July this year.

You've probably seen me around if you've been on the last couple a days, trying to help other people, being nice in general / making things awkward for other people. (Things get so much more fun when you make it weird.... in a good way that is).

Some context about the me:
I am a 20 y/o guy from the Netherlands in the last year of my study and uhm well, that's really it, to be honest.

Don't be afraid to say hi, I only bite if I like you