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players escaping jail

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by djfutur31, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. djfutur31

    djfutur31 Casual Noob Silver Donator

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    djfutur3 2608
    ok so ive found a block glitch where people in my town who i send to jail can just walk out even when i have done /plot set perm build off they just get an axe and mine the block and walk right out they can also mine the obsidian that is there altho they cannot get out that way anymore as i put another layer of obsidian underneath it is at my town jail at /t spawn futurcraft so far i am aware that lucidlie and samthedragon that can do this

    coords for my jail are x:-8612 y:72 x:7590


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  2. Book_Mouse

    Book_Mouse Rock Star Moderator Platinum Donator Helper

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    Yup, I went and saw this in action: All the perms are off, but town members (only) can use an ax to break through the one-block high wooden wall. The block doesn't actually disappear, but for a split second the player can walk through.

    dj, just a thought, but this probably only works for one block high walls. Probably only one block glitches at a time. If players had to break two blocks, they'd be stuck the way you want. If you put glass, fence, iron bars, anything in the window, I think your problem will be solved. Weird glitch though. Hopefully someone will look into it.

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