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Play Towny Scarlet 1.13 NOW - Timeline - More info about transfer process - Amnesty for banned players

Special thanks to those of you who gave your feedback, and input for what to do for the reset. Including- what many have asked for... A timeline!

Quick bits: beta.supernoobs.net has what will be the new server running on it now. Item transfer process is underway. Old Scarlet will be online. We're thinking about unbanning people.

Estimated Timeline
Tonight: beta.supernoobs.net's world file is reset from the Vanilla world. Most plugins are already loaded. Bugs and issues need to be found. This is the final world. Your builds here will be finalized.
Towny. Network specific features, /ne, won't work.
July 23rd: A poll asking about McMMO transfer will be made on Discord. Go check #polls tomorrow, or HELL GO JOIN DISCORD IF YOU HAVEN'T NOW?
July 25th: If the poll is successful, McMMO data will be transferred
July 28th: beta.supernoobs.net will replace scarlet.supernoobs.net. scarlet.supernoobs.net will move to /server oldscarlet
(Scarlet's Discord chat bot will be switched over to the 1.13 server at this time)
August 5th: Transfer plugin will be finalized, and implemented on Scarlet
August 12th: Transfer process for special builds to be finalized (a.k.a. you can request a build to be saved on this date)
August 19th: Waiting on other plugins to implement converting 1.12 items Items from the transfer process show up on 1.13
September 30th: Final date for getting your inventory approved
October 15th: All build applications should be input
October 30th: All builds should be transferred, Old Scarlet will be shut down

Old Scarlet Item Transfer Process
As many of you know, we will not be transferring money, or other items. Points will transfer automatically (they exist across the network regardless).

We will be allowing town blocks to be bought back for points. Details to come.

How will I transfer them?
Items will be transferred simply by having them in your inventory and backpack in the old server. Then- on the new server at a point in the future- you'll be able to request your items be reviewed for transfer via a command (this is a working design, and there's no plugin yet, so this is subject to change).

Valid Items to be transferred
  • Sentimental items (books, dumb gags)
  • Crate items, excluding raw diamond/emerald
  • Unique Spawners (plz not just a bunch of skelly spawners)
  • Shulkers that contain the items above
Internally we have been discussing giving a second chance to players banned for x-ray and other hacks. This, will not extend to players banned under circumstances of being a cunt. There are a lot of details, but I'd like to put forth the idea to the community. This isn't something we've decided yet, and I will be running a poll on Discord in the next week about the subject. However, I like the idea of using this new Minecraft version to give people another chance.
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I understand we are at a stand still with the transfer from the old server due to the backpack plugin not working in1.13, but isn't there a way to get the bonus crate working? I am building a pile of vote points with virtually nothing to spend them on.

I keep looking to the forum for an update and there is nothing said. Begs me to wonder if I am looking in the right place, or is there just a lack of communication...

Could we get some kind of regular update on when or ifthings are going to happen?
Any update on timeline? Item transfer? Points vote crate? It Is gonna be time to upgrade again before this is all up. I understand there are issues and hangups, but there hasn't been any flow of information. Woild love to see some type of regular update to let us know that it is still being worked on. Also some of the features that were working that are not anymore ( RTP and silk spawners) - an update on these would be helpful too!!
I saw chew. I know he updated us to 1.13.2. I know that he made a list of goals to strive for for Christmas for us. He is doing his best with the limited free time he has to fix things that are broken. Perhaps have a spawn setup and maybe if we're really lucky Christmas crate items.