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Noobs Against Humanity - A new plugin

Howdy folks!
Some of you are already aware of it's existence on the server as I've been somewhat testing it, but I'm happy to finally talk about it here. Noobs Against Humanity is a Cards Against Humanity plugin played entirely in Minecraft via an inventory GUI. I coded the plugin myself, and have a post on my blog about that bit here. You can enable different packs, and import your own packs from CardCast with the command /nah cardcast <code>

As of now, the plugin is running on Scarlet. Type /nah to get started, and if you see a bug be sure to let me know!

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Is this still active?
I keep forgetting to try this once I've logged on, and there's only this forum post to remind me of its existence...
Maybe add it to the noob-announcer?