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New Rules, Trade Plugin, some updates, Discord <3's Minecraft now

Discussion in 'Server News' started by colorfulchew, Sep 8, 2017.

By colorfulchew on Sep 8, 2017 at 10:50 PM
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    Hey peeps! I did more changelog stuff which normally would go into a change log, but with the new rules that are being applied I felt it deserved it's own server news thread, so here we go! Boop-a-doop! ~New Rules at the bottom!~
    Change log
    • Added trade plugin - You can now do /trade to open a trade menu with
    • Added /warp noob
    • Updated furniture Wiki
    • Established a larger safe zone around spawn
    • Linked Discord to gen chat. Check out the #scarlet-chat channel.
    • Titles/Surnames are now visible in town and nation chat. Use /n set title/surname [resident] [text] if you are a nation leader if you are a mayor.
    • Gold+ Donors are now able to write colors on signs using formatting codes
    • Donors can now get more jobs
      • Noob+ - 4
      • Bronze - 5
      • Silver - 6
      • Gold - 7
      • Diamond - 8
      • Platinum - 9
    Updated rules as of 9/8/17
    1. No harassment. Treat others with respect.
    2. Swearing is allowed, but don't exaggerate. Keep it respectful. Racial slurs will not be tolerated.
    3. No abusive exploits, or hacks for unfair advantages.
    4. No trolling in chat. Baiting others into fights will result in a ban.
    5. Don't advertise other servers for gain.
    6. Don't spam chat. Don't repeat characters or messages. No countdowns. Keep sentences below 3 lines of chat. Keep thoughts on the same line as much as possible.
    7. Use the appropriate chat channel for your audience.
    8. Comply with staff requests without complaining. Staff disrespect will not be tolerated.
    9. Speak English in public chats. Common phrases/greetings such as "Hola, Guten Tag, J'aime le fromage" are acceptable.
    10. No stealing/raiding/scamming/griefing/claiming over other's builds.
    11. Do not build on unclaimed territory. Claim your builds or staff will not be obligated to rollback your shit being stolen.
    12. If an abandoned build is in the way of your town, you may clean it up if the owner hasn't been on for more than 6 months. Before cleaning up, you must notify staff.
    13. No roleplay in gen chat pls.
    14. No PVP without consent.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by colorfulchew, Sep 8, 2017.

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