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Merry Drunkmas Errrbody

Hey *hic* every-*hic* body,

Thish is color Santa. As you know, *hic* I'm the best dad Santa that ever was, and not just your raging alcoholic father who left you Santa and, *hic* delievereed Chistttmasss right on timeee. Merry Drunkmas.

Celebrarttroaating the holdiays, and thsh New Years, there is a new Crate, expartly crafted, by my bitches helpers. kep voting plz.

Because I like mony, and sales, tehrer is a sale on the DONation $T0re./
It ends Januaryuuy 5th


Aww I missed the unveiling for the first time since I joined. I is the sad, but at the same time I'm ecstatic to see what there is to offer. Good work as always I'm sure! Yay!