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Lag Hunters International™ - Important Information Inside Regarding Scarlet

Heya Noobs! In searching for the source of the server's lag issues, I'm going to be disabling various plugins on the server for a day to determine if it's the source of the lag. My test environment doesn't suffer from the same source of lag, so I'm not able to reproduce the issue alone unfortunately.

If one of the plugins being disabled fixes the lag that doesn't mean that it won't return, but it will allow me to investigate the issue in more depth.

  • Monday 4/10/17 Spawn leaderboards will be disabled
  • Tuesday 4/11/17 Grand Exchange and Bank will be disabled
  • Wednesday 4/12/17 Quests will be disabled
  • Thursday 4/13/17 Shop Chests will be disabled
  • Friday 4/14/17 ChestShops, GrandExchange, Leaderboards, Grand Exchange, and Quests will be coming back online. ChestShops will have reduced tracking settings and I will be actively tuning the plugin to reduce the impact on the server.
  • Saturday 4/15/17 ChestShops not easily salvageable. Will be investigating other solutions.
  • Thursday 4/20/17 Final Update: Turns out ChestShops were totally easily salvageable, and have a known issue. We're okay now though. No more tears.
I apologize for any inconvenience this causes you, but I believe that the inconveniences caused by the lag are far greater than not having the plugin for the day.

Again, apologies for any inconveniences caused.

Edited 4/13/17 1:48PM MST: Lag issues are still persisting despite the other plugins being removed. My next suspect is Shop Chests, so those are going to be removed.
Edited 4/13/17 6:46PM MST: ShopChests definitely seem to be the source of the issue. Going to reinstall the other plugins to verify that they don't also cause an issue.
Edited 4/13/17 7:18PM MST: I came to the realization that it was shop chests when one of my tools showed 15K entities in the region for the shop town. For each shop * 3 (At least three entities incurred per shop, the block preview, the first line, and second line)
Even with all the shops on the server, ~1000 chestshops on the entire server, so it seems that there's more of a technical issue happening. Looking at the changelog for the plugin it seems that the development builds might have a fix for the issue, so I will be testing that tomorrow. Along with the new development build, I'm going with much more conservative values for where the shops will display their prices and item to the player as they approach the item.
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I don't think it is Leader Boards, unless you have not started the test today. I opened my chest and it will not close:eek:. The same thing happened last week...Ready for the Grand Exchange,,now that might have some possibilities for glitch.

I wonder if you lower the number from 300 to 100 players server, if that might help too. Even 100 players playing at once is wishful thinking for any MineCraft server.

Update: this evening, it was very smooth, no lag
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honest abe the server has not had this issue until recently with lag to this extent and we have had more than 100 players on before at once =)
The lag is recent. Server has always been really fast for me. It's just the last couple months or so....Say Abe, when did you come back after your absence? Honest_Abe Causes Lag, confirmed???
Yep,,,it might be all of that SuperNoobs cash I carry around in my backpack..:D

Oh well, the lag came back again late last night (food was flying out of my mouth while eating one chicken for 30 seconds). I will try the server with the Grand Exchange turned off today. Color was on yesterday analyzing the results, problem not solved yet he said. When it seemed faster, the frames were still low.
From the god_sniper13: on Azure there have been a lot of lag spikes recently, it's quite annoying and i'm getting the same problems as honest abe like being unable to eat and getting teleported back when moving forwards.
I don't know if anyone noticed,,,there was a big improvement last night on lag. I tore down my old home during the night and there was not sign of the hesitation when using the pick and axe on hundreds of blocks. Could it be Quests causing it :eek:. Only Chew knows for sure.
I noticed it Abe. I move a ton of sand without any lag. Well done Color, whatever you're doing seems to be working.
oooooh....Not our shop chests:D too late to stock up :eek:
Will you publish the results when all the test are finished, Chew
From the god_sniper13: on Azure there have been a lot of lag spikes recently, it's quite annoying and i'm getting the same problems as honest abe like being unable to eat and getting teleported back when moving forwards.
Looking at the tick graph for the past hour on Azure all looks fine. If you experience lag on Azure while I'm logged in you should message me in game.
Thanks for the update Chew...I hope this can be resolved. I can understand now when a player goes shopping in that packed area (many shops), every item in range wakes up and puts a drain on the server.

Just a thought, and I will shut up. If the concentrated area of the shops can not be solved for causing lag, place teleporting windows at the spawn for each shop. Each current shop would be moved to the owners property instead of a condense location. The separation (different regions) would not trigger so many chests when shopping. When a owner no longer wants to be in business or fails to pay the rent, just take his teleport out of the spawn.

But the shops as is now really look good, I hope the lag problem is cured.
I hope the improvements you've done to the chest shops works and thanks again for all your efforts so far.