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Jobs Fuckup

Unfortunately, it seems I am not smart sometimes. So, here's the brief on jobs.
While trying to increase the amount of output you get from doing jobs, I somewhat over did it. And I did it in the worst way possible. Took me until today to realize the fuck up. I messed up the equation that determined how much xp you required to level. So. I've fixed that. Trouble is, we have several players who are now at such a high level that the jobs plugin is out of whack.

So, rather than try and decrease the amount of money you make to balance the scale, I'm going to do a "semi-rollback" on jobs levels. I've done my best to recalculate what level you should be at had I not messed up the formula in the first place, and calculated that.

I understand that several players will be upset their level was decreased, however, it didn't sit right with me for one player to have earned levels easier than other players, so that's why this fix was put in place.

I will not be reverting the money earned by players from this error.

The highest leveled players are now NotSoFamous1 and FlamingSkarmory, with 51 mining.
Edit: Some of the levels don't seem to have quite updated as of this moment


Ok thanks for letting us know, I felt kinda bad about having such a high digger level after the exp limit went back to normal :p
I hope it updates because I've lost 50 levels, down to 47 now, NotSoFamous1 is 100 still and there are several people 10 or 30 levels higher than me and I know I was in third place in the miner job yesterday, at 97. :/
I could understand NotSoFamous1 remaining at 100 because maybe he earned enough experience to attain that level even under the new experience scale, but there are a number of people 10-30 levels ahead of me which doesn't make any sense.
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I'm fine with it.
I was at level 100 digger, but it did seem a little too easy to level so I'm fine with what it should have been - level 49.

"I will not be reverting the money earned by players from this error."
Thanks! :D
Yea when I could hit the max xp and money per hour in like 2 minutes it seemed a little op...lol
Now to get from 47 to 48 it takes 17 hours instead of maybe a few minutes.
I was struggling along the whole time. I cleared a bunch of land for my town several times, and crawled up in level slowly; while people were speeding ahead like you guys within a shorter period of time. It's rather an odd occurrence. Either that, or I'm just a blind bat and did way less work than I thought.