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Hi, I'm NoNiche!

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Hey everyone! I'm NoNiche, but you can either call me Justin (My real name) or just Niche will work too! Niche preferably actually since it's a single syllable and one letter shorter.

I love survival, building, and making friends. I'm pretty social as long as I'm not too busy or AFK (Which I am indeed AFK quite a bit because yanno real life beckons sometimes!)

I have a fiancee, a dog named Toby after the dog from The Great Mouse Detective (He's a mutt basset-pitbull mix with a massive head, strong as an ox, but tiny legs so we describe him as a T-rex, because big head;little arms.), a leopard gecko named Leo (or Leah) we're still not sure if it's male or female, and a bearded dragon named Eva after Eva from Wall-e. We live in North Carolina in the United States. She's a teacher and I'm in a transition phase (don't ask lol). Hmm, what else. Oh and I'm currently 27.

I've already made many friends here and look forward to making more. I really like it here and plan to be here for a very long time and build a sweet town! Anything else You want to know about me just ask and I may divulge answers provided it's nothing too personal. See yah in the game!