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Hi there, I'm Oimu! I've only been on the server for a few days, but so far the community has been crazy welcoming and friendly!

I'll mostly be fishing and making bad puns in the chat, so I'll see you all there!


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Welcome Oimu! Happy to meet you and happy to have you here. I look forward to hearing your fish stories about the ones that got away and more importantly excited to hear these bad puns you speak of!


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Hello! might be late to this, i dont know. But if you need any help getting used to this, you can ask me too! if you need immediate help then pleas dm me on Discord. its the only way for me to know immediately. anyway I welcome you to the community!


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Late reply, but welcome! If you have questions or need help there is always someone in chat, staff or otherwise, willing to give you a hand.