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Happy 4/20

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Of all the holidays we've celebrated here on super noobs, we haven't ever done a 4/20... Now, I'm not entirely certain this is a good idea, I've added a drugs plugin for the day. Happy 4/20. As for how to use the drugs, shift+right click with sugar, or shift+right click with cactus green. Or watch this video I made in my sleep deprived state of being.

And so, I've been doing a pretty poor job of keeping track of the changes I've made recently, so I'll just shove the few that did make it into my list in this post.
Network Wide:
  • Updated tab list to reflect all the servers
  • Flight mode is now retained upon logging in
  • Fixed /joinmenu for donors
  • Added network chat, chat across all the servers in the supernoobs.net family!
  • Added cross server messages
  • Identified main cause of the mega lag, put temporary steps together to fix it, working on more permanent solution
  • Fixed mob spawn rate issues


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.