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Halloween Town

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Since there's been no official announcement here, and there might be some folks who have been living under a rock the past couple of days:

Halloween may be over, but in this season of half-price candy, it's just getting started on Scarlet! Spooky adventures await in the Halloween town at /warp halloween! Can you defeat the evil Pumpkin King, find the little lost Tricker Treaters, aid the witch Samantha with her love life, locate the piglet Porkers in the twisty hay maze, and help all the other townsfolk? Valuable rewards await those who can, including Halloween Crate Keys!

Speaking of which, if you somehow still aren't aware, the Halloween Crate is still at spawn, loaded with OP gear and prizes.

Finally, give some love to our Quest and Build teams, who put in the efforts to make Halloween Town a reality for us!

2017-11-03_09.14.32.png 2017-11-03_09.15.29.png 2017-11-03_14.34.23.png



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Also a kill the pumpkin king quest is in the works so be patient that should be out soon but in the mean time go and kill him and his minions for some extra fun


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Way to go Neko! I thought about mentioning that we needed an official post about the event like we had for the crate, but it slipped my mind (like many things do). Thanks for making this post :D