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Halloween Crate, Halloween Sale -33.33%, and Something Looms Around the Corner ;)

Greetings Nooblings!
I'm pleased to announce that the countdown finally meant something, and that the crate has arrived. Hit the voting sites for the points hard, and get your crate keys, because this one's a doozey. Thanks to the lovely and talented @ClaryMorgenstern for being a wonderful aide in creating this crate. <3

In addition, on the donation store everything is 66.6% of it's normal price ;), so stock up on your ranks and goodies. Hopefully we can hit some good jobs bonus events over the next week!
Sale ends October 31st, 2017

The next countdown will be something fun as well. So stay tuned ;)

  • Readded player points to the tab list
  • Made tab list pretty

  • Updated Nether Message
  • Fixed leaderboards not showing users full names
  • Added a small countdown just before ClearLag removes items
  • Hoppers can now interact with shops. Users shouldn't make shops in areas not claimed by them as it would allow manipulation of their shop
  • Another backend plugin will now ignore hoppers
  • Beyond this point, hopper lag will result in me melting them down and throwing the iron into a sarlac pit
  • Added a Halloween Crate
  • Fixed chat
  • Fixed money
  • Added jobs
  • Fixed marry plugin
  • You can now be married without a priest
  • Added McMMO
  • Added anticheat/anti-xray
  • Fixed donor rank syncing
  • Fixed /marry backpack for donors
  • Made stricter trust levels for staff on Violet, as grief is permitted.
  • Fixed silk spawners
  • Added /home
  • Added Discord integration
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