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Goodbye you beautiful people.

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Dear Friends of Supernoobs,

I write this to say Goodbye, I am sure most of you are aware now that I will be just completely leaving Minecraft all together and returning my account to the previous owner and cousin - Noah, who some of you have met - I wish to discuss the reasons for my leaving in this here post.

1. Gaming has begun to consume my life to an extent I never thought it ever would. I've missed important school work because of it, I have skipped school just to play certain releases of games. It's become unhealthy and I know to some of you this may be an offence analogy but it is like trying to quit smoking, I have been slowly doing less and less and by Christmas I will be doing none. It is not something I should be rushing into any time soon either. It has been kind of hard on me but I don't want any pity so I'll leave this at that.

2. I am becoming fat, this ties into the last reason a little bit, but at the start of this year I was just shy of 10 stone, and now I am 13 stone. How the fuck I put on 3 stone in less than a year I could not tell you, but it may have something to do with the fact I sit and eat all the time at my desk while I sit slouched over a computer playing video games from like 4pm to 6am and then rush to school and don't do P.E. or any physical exercise outside of school other than walking around to my classes in school. So if I give up gaming I can use my hours after work to (if I don't have homework) exercise and not be fat.

3. I need money, I have no money, I am working a job as a waitress, again, but this time they want me to do more shifts that I want to do. The constant moving around a restaurant and kitchen for 7 hours a day will really help me slim down a bit, however with school and a job and my own problems just leaves no room for gaming in anyway. The stress of being like "Oh I need to get on for just an hour to make money to keep my town going!" is just a thought at the back of a line of about 50 bazillion stressful and depressing thoughts which I really don't need anymore of those, which leads into my next reason.

4. I have mental health problems, mainly just depression, which I am working on. It's getting better, still a long way to go but I'm working on it. This time last year I was considering suicide, this time 3 years ago I was in hospital because I tried. And now I just think what a fucking fool I was to even think that was a good idea, yeah the world is a bit of a shit hole, I may live in a horrible area with a dysfunctional family and a father who never stops trying to get back into my life. But this world is beautiful too, some of these landscapes I have seen just makes me happy, warms my heart, we as humans are fucking amazing think of what we have accomplished. 1900 we didn't know how to fly, by 2000 we had landed on the fucking moon several times with people living in space for months at a time floating around us! Think about what could happen if we did that again this century. There is so much out there for everyone, so many people to meet, so many stories to be told and to tell, a planet of possibilities just waiting to be discovered, touched, awoken, and loved. To anyone who is having thoughts of ending it all please take it from someone who has been through those thoughts, I cannot imagine the pain being caused by the reasons, but I can somewhat understand your thought process and just know it is, and I mean this in no disrespectful way, flawed. Just remember there is a world of people to love.

5. I just want to take a break from it all, drama, social life, etc. Just have a relaxing few months where I can be stressed by work, school and that's it. None of this family bullshit, none of this social life drama bullshit. Just me, my exams, and my job.

That is just 5 of the reasons why I want to leave, I will miss you all so much, and will forever hold a place in my heart. Now I wish to say a few things to certain people:
Smspc - You are a beautiful, smart man, you will find love. I promise, you just haven't looked in the right place yet :) I'll miss you <3
NoNiche - We go back, I joined just a few months before you, still remember your party town with your cool spawn and your cute little villager farm, I'm gonna miss ya buddy <3
_Pitot - Ahh Pitot, I remember when you first made a town and I taught you just enough of towny to convince you to be engulfed by old Columbia, and then you became independent again! You're a great and unique builder, and a wonderful person. I will miss you too. <3
colourfulchew - I never really knew you but you ran the server that allowed me to meet all these wonderful people so I gotta give you props for that. I'll miss you and your beautiful server full of beautiful people <3 P.S. Your name is spelled wrong ;)
Tori - I know you wont see this but I have hope that you will and I just want you to know I will miss you, a lot, I still do, as do we all, we miss your mansions and your happy attitude towards life and how you always cheered up me n niche. <3
Smashypumpkins - I'm sorry I can't remember what your new username is but I will miss you too, you were a good town partner. You will be missed <3
CaseyNesitat_ - Man, we go back a bit haha, as far back as my first hour on the server. You added me to your town and helped me out, taught me the server. Showed me your giant guardian farm and supported me when I wanted to make a new town. I will miss you man <3
Book_Mouse - Best mod 10/10 always helped me, gave me good advice whenever I needed and was always so kind to me <3
TieableCookie - This is it huh, you were always so kind to me too and always helped me out best ya could! Helped me set up my first town back on the server and was always so excited to show me your builds which were amazing <3 Keep on rocking my man. Keep on rocking,

Well People, That is me. I will still pop on a bit but after December 31st of 2018 I will have officially given up gaming fully. No more gaming, no more distractions, getting my life back on the road to success because holy shit has it gone of the rails. Even if I am sitting at the back of the bus with someone else's success that is still success that will keep me steaming along. Ok I am officially out of transport metaphors, I love you all so fucking much. You all taught me a lot and helped me more than you know, thank you for being nice to me even though I was a bit of a handful at times. Of course I'll pop on a bit from now and then until christmas just to see you all and say hi but after December 31st, that's kinda where I get off my stop on the Supernoobs express. If you guys have a funeral for me on the server I want this song played :

With lots of love, more love than you lads, lasses and others will ever know,
Ellis, Tict, Tictac, Trickyticky tictactoe1609 <3 <3 <3 :squirtle:

P.S. attached is my favourite picture I ever took of Venice which gives me hope that this world is beautiful, I hope it gives you guys the same warm feeling of a beautiful civilisation and world as it does me. <3 Venice,.jpg


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I'm flattered to be remembered alongside so many awesome people. The people always were the best part of SN.

I find the less time I spend in-game the better my well-being. Gaming is absorbing, sure, but I think it gets in the way of living mindfully.

Happy trails Tict!

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Hi Tict,
It's sad to see you leave, but that is part of the journey, you get used to people being around, and then they move on, that's just the way it is, and for me i am always happy to have met them, and that's what i remeber when it happens.
Congratulations on recognizing an important aspect of life so early in yours. Balance!
I never believed it at first, but it is true, you can have too much of a good thing. I have total admiration for you and the changes you are making to restore your health and happiness, so you can live a long and happy life.
These things are hard learned and often come at a cost, and it takes bravery and courage to admit there is change needed, and to make that change. For what it's worth from an old fart like me, the message you are sending and the example you are setting is a good one, well done! I'm proud of you.
My wish for you is health, happines and balance, and thankyou for the smiles i got from meeting you in game. Good Luck. Arfer.
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I honestly didn't think I would be mentioned here but thanks, I remember joining your town in Old scarlet! Good luck with your future and hope you get through any tough times!


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What to say? I'm not sure and with it being almost bed time and after such a long day I'm not sure I can truly give you a worthy reply, but I will do my best.

Firstly, I'm sad to see you go though I completely undestand your reasoning and support you in your endeavor to focus on life and improving it for yourself. If there is one lesson I hold dearly when it comes to gaming it is that real life always comes first which obviously includes mental and physical health. I not only support you in quitting gaming for as long as it takes, but also encourage it if you believe it will help. I truly hope it does and that things/life only improves for you. I missed you greatly when you were unable to play MC for so very long, due to supports incompetence, but knowing that you wanted to come back and would come back was nice. I will miss you even more knowing you will likely not return anytime soon this time, but again I understand and hope it helps!

I would like for you to know that you have been a great friend here. You always provide great conversation and despite your depression you never let it show (to my knowledge) as you always appeared chipper and upbeat to me. You introduced me to interesting music I would have likely never heard without you. You are so intelligent and well-spoken and that is something I truly appreciated when talking with you. Also, since this is a MC server I suppose I should mention that I always greatly appreciated your feedback on my projects and you indulging me when I just really wanted to show someone a build or give a tour. Conversely you also always showed me your awesome builds be it tanks or planes and you seemed to value my opinions which made me feel great and appreciated. I wish I could make you feel the level appreciation you always managed to make me feel. I will definitely miss those tanks btw. So cool and a such a neat thing to be interested in. Did I mention I find your interests neat?! Because I do.

I suppose I'm getting a bit long winded at this point so I'll cut to it. You have been a great friend and will continue to be such. I hope to see you again on MC both before Dec. 31 and sometime in the future afterwards when/if you ever pick gaming back up again. I also truly hope that we will still be able to chat every now and again. I want you to know I'll still always be here to talk or chat if you ever feel the itch to share a bit of correspondence. I can be a bit slow to respond sometimes, I know, but I know you like writing letters so perhaps a pen-pal like bit of communication between the two of us could be nice.

Take care Tic, find happiness, focus on that which is truly important, chat with us when/if you can, and most importantly just stay the awesome and great person you are. <3


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Ive got the same photo I took from the same bridge. Guess thats why its a famous spot. Good luck getting your new life direction going. I hope you find a healthy way to balance gaming and life, as we never want to say goodbye to our friends on here, but still wish them the best in their endeavors. Good luck! And come see us some time.


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Oh Ellis my tict my tact of ticy. I shall miss you. Youve been the best of friends to me and made every day a cheerful one. Always looking out for others when you needed someone was always interesting. I know depression is hard and hits many people. I know you're dealing with it on so many levels and I am honoured that I was allowed to be part of the conversation in and out of game with you to try and help or in your words keep you sane. We have been through hell of a lot here at super noobs. I love you dearly my friend and you will never be forgotten. I'm so glad you are finding the right balance in life and I wish you the best luck on this journey. I hate I've been a bit absent from the server the past month or so with some IRL things. But I shall see you before you depart. Never forget I love you truly you're an amazing person and one of the strongest people I've ever met.

Truly never thought I'd have to be without you, but I know this is the right decision and journey for you to in life. Again I love you Ellis always will be strong and you will be amazing things. I believe in you and always have.

Sorry if I've repeated any sentiment in my statement, ill never forget you. :) <3