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February 24th Changelog

  • ~New~
    • Added /warp - Shows a GUI with a list of warps
    • Added /rules - Displays the rules (duh)
    • Added /ping - Prints your ping in ms (Helpful for diagnosing lag)
    • Added /staff - Displays a list of all online staff members
    • Added /staffhelp - Privately messages all online staff members
    • Added /joinmenu (or /bs), allows you to customize your join/leave message, join messages currently only available for Platinum Donators, once more messages are added I will spread them throughout the ranks
    • Added /crafting (aliases: /craft, /workbench, /craftingtable) for Bronze donors to open crafting tables on the go!
    • /mario and secrets
  • Marriage:
    • Allow players to divorce when their partner is offline
  • Fixes and tweaks
    • Fixed Dynmap thanks to the several hours of downtime yesterday morning http://supernoobs.net:8123/
    • Ban page now shows Scarlet correctly
    • Disabled NoFall check with NARC due to players in /fly glitching when falling
  • ~~New~~
    • Added /biomemenu (Prices subject to change)
    • Added /staff
    • Added /ping
    • /mario and secrets
  • Fixes and tweaks
    • Copied config from Scarlet for NARC


Regular updates like this are very good. Thanks.
The only thing I found to bitch about in these changes is there's nothing to bitch about. ;)