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Extended Leave

Discussion in 'Server News' started by colorfulchew, May 24, 2018.

By colorfulchew on May 24, 2018 at 10:42 PM
  1. colorfulchew

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    I don't think I've ever really once "officially" taken a break from Super Noobs in the five years that the server has been operating open to public, or the three years before that where I operated it for friends. I suppose I may have, and I'm just forgetting. There have most certainly been times that I became more distant from the server, but this time is different.

    I believe that the time I take a officially take that break is now. My heart just hasn't been in the server the past few months, and real life responsibilities like work and University haven't left much room. It's disheartening to step away from the server officially, but I feel it's important to disclose that I really don't have any intention of maintaining- updating- or working on the server in any form for the foreseeable future.

    What ever the remaining staff decide to do- I don't really know. That's up to them.

    It's been fun. <3 you all.


Discussion in 'Server News' started by colorfulchew, May 24, 2018.

    1. Kerplunky
      Love you too, Color! Thanks for creating this place for us. The years have flown by and I wish I could rewind sometimes to those early days on the server when I had nothing but free time. I too have been on a leave of sorts. With baby number two just weeks away my time has been completely occupied with fixing her room, painting furniture and building things for my home. Between that and work, I hardly have any free time, but when I do its usually spent falling asleep on the couch next to Mrs. Kerp. One of my favorite things to do is stand in my back yard and imagine all the work I have to do, and I thank minecraft every time, for making me an imaginative builder. I wish I had more time, theres so many things I wanted to build, so much of my creativity I wanted to share, but until the kids are both old enough to entertain themselves for extended periods of time, I think all I'll be able to do is check in when everyones alseep, play for an hour or two and then back to the real world. I'll still help manage some of the external things like facebook and reddit.

      Thanks to all the other staff too! All of you have made events, builds, and other things the most fun about this server. I'll never play another server. Supernoobs will always be home. Hopefully we can at least update to 1.13 when it comes out, Id love to join someones town so I can at least explore the new things and store all my junk somewhere. If anyone ever needs any help on the server and no ones around, just remember, you can get a hold of me quickly thru discord. If I have the time, Id be happy to hop on and help. Still got all my access to restart the server and mod commands etc. Im always here in some form.

      Enjoy the reprieve, Color. Massive thanks to you, always!
    2. NoNiche
      Understandable. 5 years is a long time to go without a break and we all need that break sometimes. I've been on a bit of one myself as you well know. I'm sure you'll enjoy the break!

      Thanks for making this place. It brings so many people together and I've made many friends here and hope to make more! So many fun builds, games, and projects! I always enjoy my time on the server and it's still a home away from home for me. Honestly, I love the server, but the friendships are the best part of it all. I can see myself taking breaks from the supernoobs like I have been lately, but I don't think I could ever take a break from hanging out with you all on discord and playing other games together!

      Anyway, hopefully none of us will have to bug you during this time though I can't make any promises :p If the server catches fire I might end up sending you a few messages haha. I'm sure we all will do our best to take good care of your baby while you are away and use our best judgement in handling any problems that arise.

      I hope to continue to get in some time with you on Overwatch & other games in the meanwhile though so don't go full on disappearing on us!

      Yer the best Chewbert <3
    3. Arfer Moment
      Arfer Moment
      Aaron, we've all seen your dedication and humour which infected the server an has been the heart of Supernoobs.
      Regargdles of what happens next, i will always be grateful to you for motivating everyone and the hard work and effort you have put into to providing a great place to be. Speaking personally, I got incredibly lucky finding supernoobs and all of you guys when i did. and it was absolutely at a time when i needed it the most, I'm beyond thankful for that.
      Life evolves, and so do we all, and i want you to know you have my support in spirit at least, where ever your journey takes you and how life evolves for you. Your tireless commitment for 8 years!!! to everyone here has more than earned you that, have no regrets for a great job and labour of love brilliantly executed. You should be proud!!
      I'll tweet at ya or somthing when i finally figure out social media ... myspace and ICQ are still a thing right? However it works out, i'm sure we haven't heard the last of you, i have been and will always be your friend...Live long and prosper, ... to infinity and beyond... Kev. <3
    4. Book_Mouse
      I'll never find a server as good as yours, Color. There's more to life than Minecraft, but damn you'll be missed.
    5. AKnowz
      Sounds like a long over due break then. Perhaps you'll need more help here in the future. I do hope the server carries on. So many of us have come to call scarlet home and wouldn't know what to do with ourselves without her. I myself have never played anywhere else. Supernoobs has been a gift, thank-you for all your hard work and dedication. All the best in your future endeavors. -Adam
    6. PearlescentMoon
      Kinda crazy to read that you've come to this decision, however it's also not surprising. Uni and work can take a big toll on time and life, so it's understandable. Thank you for running this server, and granting me all the experiences I had when I first joined Minecraft on PC. Memories that I was cherish for a long time to come.
      Best of wishes to your future endeavors, and I hope you end up doing something you always wanted to do/love (or, if you've grown content with what you're doing now, I hope it continues to go well for you!).
    7. colorfulchew
      Learn blender plz
    8. Sallavar
      Walk Away if you want to ...

      ... but there's a magic running through your soul, man.
    9. benchriswii
      I know I haven't been active but I just wanted to say thank you. This server and the community you built helped me get through so many points in the time I played on it. I made so many friends and memories and I'm honestly sad to see it end but I do understand why. Well, it was a good ride, thanks for the memories color maybe we will get to play another game in the future. Gonna miss you color
    10. Joe
      Thank you for your hard work. It has been a lot of fun. Would you mind being a little more clear about what is going to happen to the server? Are you going to be eventually coming back? Turning it over to your staff? Shutting down after your server's contract expires? Not to pressure anyone, but it would be good to know what the future of Supernoobs is going to be.
    11. colorfulchew
      Don't know.
    12. Neverywhere
      A tip - ignore if desired ;)

      If you download all the data from the SN Scarlet server now, you'll have most player builds and player stats (mcmmo, jobs, currency).
      This way, you shouldn't have to manage anything yourself anymore:
      The hosting contract may get renewed (donations may prevail?), it may not, but even if the contract gets closed, only the delta from the day of the backup until the closure date will be removed, which isn't as drastic as everything from 2016 ;)
      If the server closes, the data should remain usable upon your re-arrival, should you wish to host a mc server once more. Even if there are so many new blocks that the current world won't suffice, you could always either just add a new world, or remove this one. All options remain open! :)
      If the server does keep going, and you return to find chaos, negligence and general destruction, you can use the download to overwrite what's happened to your child, and guide it towards the light yourself ;)

      In any case, I wish you the best with your future endeavors, and I hope to someday see you happily running a MC server once again ;)

      To the staff: I wish you all the best of luck figuring out your involvement in the server, but remember to think of yourself first, so you don't take on too much responsibility due to peer pressure - even though I hope the server will remain readily available. Who knows, maybe someday I'll finish my design for my chest room...? ;)

      - Nev
    13. Iron_Cow2
      I kind've feel like you've outgrown us chewbert. You're destined for bigger and better things, go out there and pursue your dreams. Follow your passion and do what you love. I'll still be your most awkward friend ever if you ever want to chat though. Um right on that note, :squirtle:?
    14. Enzichan
      I try to come back and find this... ;-; I'm going to miss this server and you guys. You live that wonderful life, chew, you worked hard and it's time you got a break.

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