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Entry: Anoraki

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Hello, my name is Anoraki. In real life my name is Anoraki, but you can call me Anoraki.

Anyways, I first joined the towny server early 2015 under a different account, in which, I gave away to one of my siblings later that year. I started gaming with the Game Cube and grew up through all the consoles until 2012, when I got my first gaming PC.

If you need help on the server I have no problem supporting people in need. I do not wish to become a moderator after what happened last time. I'm generally on between 4pm and 9pm (Central America Time).

My Steam account is Anoraki. My discord account is Anoraki. My Minecraft account is Anoraki. (I think there's a pattern)

(P.S. - I will, without a doubt, be the top voter next month :))
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Indeed, I like to bee on zee forums. Plus, it's not blocked at school so I can be on it at zee school. :)))


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Hello there Anoraki or should I call you Anoraki?