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Don't be a Vogon...

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When looking round the Towny World, don't make yourself a fool,
On Scarlet Land, if claimed, or not there is a Golden rule,
it's something trolls and griefers fear, and truly, rightly so,
for if you mess up someone's shit, you'll feel ban hammer's blow

This doesn't mean you can't expand if ruins are in your way,
Just have a word with friendly staff. See what they have to say,
they'll check the build, and carbon date, and see who was last placin'.
Be patient, they'll tell you yes or no to Vogon imitatin'

Now when you want to know the score there's chat that's worth a mention
there's network chat, /ne for short for cross server attention,
on all servers there's general, that's /g just to be clear,
so when you land, just give a shout, by default, you are here.

in time you'll find you're in a town and want to have a natter,
so use /tc to keep it tight with only town folk's patter.
occasionally you'll want to chat with folks who may get vocal,
so ask a mate to join you and then you should use local,
(that's /l y'all)

there's other chat, but these above you'll find you use the most,
but if you're rude or insulting, you'll also find you're toast!
there's lots of friendly banter, we cuss and and have a blast
but always let a helper know if ever you feel harassed.

you'll play a while and stay we hope, we're sure you'll fit right in,
but you won't be here very long in a rude or racist skin.
Spamming always makes us cross, we mute because it's crass.
but try some exploits, hacks or trolls, we'll ban your silly ass.

We've been around a few years now and really know the score
with any luck and your support we'll be here many more.
We all have favourite servers, no matter what their size,
this may seem really obvious, but just don't advertise.

Now /Scarlet is our flagship, it's Towny thru and thru,
we have a great community, and we hope it will suit you.
Getting started isn't hard, we all went through the same,
Find a plot to start a town, then /t new (some_cool_name)

you have 8 plots to use at first, for each you just /t claim
/t spawn will take you back to it, /sethome (name) for the same.
you'll need some cash to pay your rent and taxes, they're not free,
so do /jobs browse and take a look then you can pick your 3

when starting out you're a proud Noob, becomming one of us,
but register in forums and you can get Noob+
just log on supernoobs.net then come here that's your aim,
to /link and follow all the prompts, relog that's it, good game!
(this was a tough rhyme :p)

Resources are always good, so go out, get you some,
we have a special place for this, /warp exploratorium
On 16th day of every month this world will get reset
so please don't leave your stuff in there, it will lead to regret.
(and again :p)

To join a town and hang with friends that's what we like the most,
just ask in chat or read the forum's town recruitment post.
take your time, and look around, and /warp has lots of places,
visit some and then decide which one you think is aces.

Just to round it off a bit, since Minecraft is your hobby
for worlds galore, and lots of choice then you should visit /lobby.

/scarlet is our main world, but if you like more action,
take a look at /violet, where you can start a faction.

Scarlet /spawn has /quests and stuff, there's plugins you may know,
/cshop, vote crate for your /vote points, and mcmmo.

For mining blocks against the clock and also swinging picks,
go see the warden in the yard in Prison called /onyx.

if awesome builds are more your style than breaking blocks and sand,
there's /ruby for creative, go build somthing quite grande.

For me I like the challenge of a PvE more pure,
you'll often find me grinding our Skyblock at /Azure

And finally there's one last thing, we always like a smile,
pull up a chair... hang out... have fun.. be nice and stay a while :D

Happy M'Crafting <3 Arfer
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I did not die of internal hemorrhaging. I think this may be a few steps above Vogon. Nice rhythmic devices. I rather liked it. Found the imagery quite effective.
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Arfer Moment

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Thanks Kerp :) I thought i might work on it a bit and stick it on PMC since i can't build for shit :p All critiques are welcome