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Chat Update and Weekend Sale 1/3rd off Everything!

Hey folks! I was thinking about making this a change log, but instead I decided to add a sale to it to boost my ego having more posts on the Server News section.

Anyways, I just wanted to formally let you all know that Discord now supports Network chat on Scarlet/Azure/Ruby/Violet. In addition to this change, the /msg, /tell, /r colors have been revised to a different color as well.

So, to celebrate the New Year, new job, and new chat features here's a weekend sale. It will last from now until Monday.


Yo, Color. I havent donated in along time and I always feel bad about it. The donation shop just doesnt have anything for me to buy these days. I remember you used to have blocks in the shop. What happened to them? If its possible to put those old blocks back into the shop I'd be willing to start donating again. Give me quartz, lots of stacks of quartz. I'd be doing some serious building if I didnt have to farm it. I'm lazy. :p Please.
Holy shit color updates something Joking but good job here, I’m going to go check out those sales now.