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Changelog: 10/26/18

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Fixes and changes
  • Fixed Dynmap
  • Fixed queue worker allowing automated reboots to happen
  • Updated McMMO
  • Updated Jobs
  • Fixed vote plugin
  • Fixed warp plugin (Configs died, oldest backup is August... Many warps gone. Sorry about this. :c)
  • Fixed /craft
  • Readded Helper application until I have more time to do what I actually want for helpers. You MUST have a Discord account associated with your forums account to submit an application now
  • Fixed link plugin not connecting to the database
  • Added /link unlink for users who got their account into a hairy situation
  • Applied multiple changes in the hopes of fixing mob spawns
  • Fixed Ruby thinking it was Scarlet. Silly Ruby. Pretty sure Ruby is just an empty server now tho...
  • Added /stack
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That's all nice... but where's my /stack command g'dammit!? :mad:
This is great though. Looking forward to new Helpers <3