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Change log: 1/5/16

Network wide:
  • Added /hub, /lobby, /scarlet, /azure, and /ruby as command aliases
  • Brought back /[channel] to toggle into chats again (/tc to toggle into town chat for example)
  • Trails
    • Resolved an issue where donors were able to set other people's trails, including non-donors
    • Changed it to say [NoobTrails] because why not?
  • AntiCheat
    • Changed movement checks to help avoid collision with donor pets
    • Changed FastBreak to avoid collisions with McMMO and special server Pickaxe's
    • Increased glide and phase checks to avoid collisions with lifts
    • Few other minor changes to bring balance to the force. Hopefully.
  • Added top town, monthly voter, and McMMO leaderboards in /spawn
  • Added the ability to use /link to link your account on the forums
  • VIP Perks
    • Added access to /trails
    • Added /backpack
    • Increased price to $25 from $15
  • Added Cobblestone Ore Generators
    • Allows you to get ore randomly from cobble generators on your island
  • Added leaderboards to /spawn for top islands and a few others
  • VIP Perks
    • Added Ruby VIP to donation store for $20
    • Added WorldEdit to VIP users within the plot world
    • Increased plot limit of 16 from 4 for VIP users
    • Added access to /trails
  • Disabled the chat filter on this server. Not even sure how I didn't notice that it was enabled sooner... Well. Poor Ruby
Well done good and faithful steward of the server. Can't wait to see how those anti-cheat adjustments work out. It's gotta be hard to balance busting punks vs. power-users; appreciate your willingness to tweak what you can.