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April Fool's Change Log

Actually reading this thing? You might want to know there's an April Fool's weekend sale on the donation store! Start's April 1st, and runs through April 3rd!


Network Wide
  • Change tell message format
  • Updated to 1.9.2
  • Added /link to every server
  • Added staff application form
  • Added Ruby VIP to forums
  • Added Azure VIP to forums
  • Fixed default avatar URLs
  • Added social media links in the top right
  • Changed background scrawl
  • Added pink and green website color schemes
  • Resolved Gmail Issues
  • New User Ranks
    • Newbie - 0 pts
    • Casual Noob - 5 pts
    • Smelly Noob - 10 pts
    • Mega Noob - 25 pts
    • True Noob - 50 pts
    • Casual Racist - 100 pts
  • Towny:
    • Added comayor rank
    • Added town bank limits (see economy section)
    • Farm plot added, use /plot set farm and residents will only be able to break and place crops, and kill farm animals
    • Added mayor chat
  • Tab:
    • Added new server stats
    • Added network player count
    • Added location (Creepy, but important to note that you're the only one who sees your location)
  • Economy:
    • Added tax rate to shop
    • Set maximum town bank limit to $2M
    • Set maximum nation bank limit to $1M
    • Set all items in the shop to medium stock
    • Fixed merchant pages, all merchants at /warp shop should now be functional.
  • Jobs:
    • Increased job payout
    • Limited job count to 4
  • Clearlag:
    • Added two minute warning
    • Brought the 2nd warning back up to a minute
  • Donation Ranks:
  • Decreased default plot claim limit from 4 to 1
  • Added MegaPlotWorld with 200x200 plots
  • Set default spawn in MegaPlotWorld
  • Added temporary WE for Ruby
  • Featherboard:
    • Added vote count!
    • Added vote reminder!
  • VIP:
    • Added access to voxel sniper within your plots
    • Now able to use VoxelSniper/WE in regular world plots
Oh. Were you expecting there to be something in the form of a practical joke?
You suckers are all playing on a server called Super Noobs. I think we all know the real joke. :')
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