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Announcing Winners of Boat Building Competition (with exclusive interview)

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Hello all! A couple weeks ago, I put out a forum requesting boat design to fit in a small space — 5x7 blocks, that is. The preferred theme was a tiki theme, and some of the submissions followed this very well. The attention to detail on some submissions was very spectacular, so I am excited to announce the winners of the Boat Building Competition!

Third Place — Solar Ship by Revenge76
2018-08-25_10.50.32.png 2018-08-25_10.50.20.png
The use of Hay Blocks in this build gives the boat an Egyptian solar boat feel, hence the name. The clock in the interior of the boat is definitely a good touch. Congratulations to @Revenge76 for winning third place and $5,000!

Second Place — Ye Olde Pontoon Boat by 13firepenguin
2018-09-04_16.42.47.png 2018-09-04_16.42.53.png 2018-09-04_16.43.04.png
13firepenguin 's use of invisible armor stands to have items placed within the boat is genius. You can see some fish, milk, and more, as a real boat would have. Obviously, the passengers need sustenance! Congratulations to @13firepenguin for winning second place and $7,000!

First Place — Uka Uka by NoNiche noniche boat 4.png
noniche boat 1.png noniche boat 2.png noniche boat 3.png
I sent my media team out to conduct an interview with this competition's winner, @NoNiche

Orangely Media Team: Congratulations, Mr. Niche! Your boat design, which you have named Uka Uka, is the first place winner of my boat building contest! What made you enter this competition?

NoNiche: First place? I certainly did not expect such an honor!

OMT: It is well deserved, I must say.

NoNiche: Thanks so much for this award and the competition! What made me enter hmm... Well I just have always really enjoyed competition. Especially competition that doesn't revolve around sports or other things I'm terrible at. In fact building in Minecraft might be one of the few things I feel confident in enough to seriously compete! That and I really enjoy building so it was a natural... interest!

OMT: What if Minecraft building was a sport, though? Huge athlete then?

NoNiche: Perhaps if I were talented enough and sponsorship became a thing I definitely could picture being a recurring name in the game! The biggest set back would likely be my personal and professional lives at the moment. If those were not too much of a problem I'd definitely compete often!

OMT: Now, let's talk about your choice of design. It was definitely a unique design, mainly using shades of brown and green. Tell me about this color scheme.

NoNiche: Well, I wanted a natural color scheme, and with the dock I was building it for being tiki themed I just felt compelled to fit that theme as tightly as possible, which led me to building a legitimate tiki! But of course just a tiki wouldn't suffice. It also needed to be a boat. So I had to do some workarounds to make that work out. It also couldn't be a power boat as that just felt a little.. Out of theme so I kept it to a pretty man powered based vessel. As far as shape I wanted to keep it somewhat square despite trying to avoid squares often in my building patterns. The rectangle really fit both the tiki design I wanted to use as well as made a lot of space to accommodate passengers! Something a smaller more rounded boat just can't do.

OMT: And the use and design of the banners, what prompted that? More of the tiki theme presented?

NoNiche: Well I really wanted to use banners from the git-go honestly. Partially for shade and partially for color. However, most of the colors and designs I chose just... didn't quite fit that theme. A recurring issue I faced throughout the build! Then it came to me... Why not tiki banners with some more of the natural coloring?!

OMT: So for a face, the Creeper head design was basically required, it seems.

NoNiche: Yeah unfortunately. I also quickly hit the six design cap really fast on every attempt. The final tiki was the result after quite a few proceeding failures.

OMT: Well, Mr. Niche, you are the winner of this building competition and will take home a check for $10,000. Again, big congratulations, and thank you for participating!

NoNiche: Thank you Mr. Orangely. I really appreciated the opportunity to showcase some skills, especially in a smaller project that was very accommodating to my schedule. And I of course am thankful for the 1st place award and accompanying check! I look forward to any future building competitions!
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