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A Tutorial for the Grand Exchange (cool shop plugin yall need to use)

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1. Click the npc if you're at spawn, or just type "/ge open" from anywhere in the world.
2. Hover your cursor over one of the green squares. Read the instructions.
3. Left-click to buy.
4. It opened up a menu of all the wonderful things you can buy! Don't get too excited though: Most likely they're not actually for sale. Or even in stock. You can browse anyway using the blue squares at the bottom right. Lets buy some smooth stone
5. Left Click the smooth stone, its the very first slot you see
6. On the left, there is a blue square that reads "Quantity". This little cluster of colored squares will let us set how many stone we're buying. There are a bunch of ways to set how many:
- click the preset blue square of 16 or 32 or 64 (if you want to buy 16, 32, or 64 of the item)
- OR "Click to set custom amount" which will briefly hide the GE interface so you can type the amount in chat (hit the Y key on your keyboard to open chat. Once you've put in your number--must be 640 or lower--hit Enter and the GE window will reopen)
- OR click that little green square the amount that you want
Whichever method you chose, you'll know you did it right because the blue "Quantity" box will now say "Quantity: whatever you entered" instead of 0.
7. On the right, there is a blue square that reads "Price". Now you can get all fancy with shift-clicking etc and select your price down to the penny or adjust it according to percentage but why would you want to??? In addition to these useless features, setting the price also works just like setting the quantity, and we're already experts on that! So either enter a custom amount in chat or click the green and red boxes to adjust the amount you're willing to pay.
8. In the bottom-right, click the green box to Confirm. It takes you back to the first page, and now you have a picture of an stone. Hover the cursor over it for information on how your order is doing.
9. Here's where players get stuck, because certain conditions have to be met before you can get your item:
a) Another player must have come along before you and put some stone up for sale (That was me!)
b) Your $ offer in Price is equal-to or higher-than that player's asking price
If BOTH a) and b) are true, you get your stone. Yay!
If the item is not in stock or you're a cheap bastard, your order will just say "Pending"
I offered to pay $15 for an egg. I got it! It reads "Status: Completed"

I offered to pay $2 for a painting. No deal. It reads "Status: Pending" That means I have to wait for someone to come along and put one or more paintings up for sale at $2 each. I think I might be waiting awhile.

And that's not all folks: You have NO way of knowing how much I've listed my ink sacs for. They're there, they're in stock, who knows how many, but if your offer is lower than my asking price (that you can't see) then it will say "Pending". On the bright side, if you offer too much you and I split the difference and you get the extra money back in change.

10: If your order says "pending", all is not lost. Your request will sit there until a player comes along and fulfills it. If you're online what that happens, you get a note in your chat saying "[Grand Exchange] finished buying 1 Painting" (or whatever)

11. You successfully bought something! Now if we hover over the picture of the stone on the main page of the GE, we see it reads "Status: Completed"

12. Click on the picture of the stone. Take a minute to hover your cursor over all the colored boxes and read what they're for. (Hint: most of them are just giving you redundant info.)

13. Lowest blue square, bottom-right says "Click to claim your items". Clicking it will put your purchase into your inventory and, if your order has been completely fulfilled, frees up the slot on the main page of the GE for you to buy or sell something else. There may also be a square giving you the option to claim money: This is the change left over if you offered more than the asking price.
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