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A sale, Pets, Jobs reset, Trails, And Oh Yeah. Sweetass Umbrellas.

Hey peeps, in honor of me having one week off school I've decided to do a bunch of work on the server. Huzzah! To celebrate I'm kicking off a sale which I'll be calling the 'plz help color buy textbooks n' stuff' sale, where everything will be 33.33% off until the end of August! Neat right!
srsly, plz donate, new semester, send help.

So now that the panhandling is out of the way, here's a list of shit that I did today. ARE YOU PROUD?
  • Added special pets for donors, accessible through the command /mpet -New!-
    • Silver Donors
      • MP8
      • Frog
      • Panda
    • Gold Donors
      • Pig
      • Duck
      • Minime
    • Diamond Donors
      • Turtle
  • Added new donor trails
    • Bronze Donors
      • Falling Dust
    • Silver Donors
      • Potatoh
      • Spit
    • Gold Donors
      • Dragon Breath
      • Totem
    • Diamond Donors
      • End Rod
    • Platinum Donors
      • Damage Indicator
  • Added Furniture -New!-

We have no idea what the fuck we're doing with the furniture either. It's okay. We're all learning together~
  • Reset Jobs Plugin
    • Jobs no longer have an exp cap, or money cap
    • Jobs no longer gain money exponentially
    • Jobs no longer have exponential exp boosts (Levels are harder to get)
  • Removed town bank limit
  • Adjusted hopper settings to hopefully reduce the amount of lag they cause during peak hours.
  • Re-added Clearlag removal message
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So, is their any benefit to leveling up a job now at all?
I'm assuming that the difference is that rather than following an exponential curve, XP and money now follow a linear progression. The result is a more gradual advancement so that higher levels get harder to achieve and don't return as much, but having the limits removed is supposed to address the frustration players have at hitting XP or money limits in only a few minutes each hour.

How to we make the furniture though? What plugin is being used I would love to put in research and figure the plugin out
Jobs reset... alright... town bank limit's gone... that's nice... hoppers were adjusted... clearlag's messa... wa- wait a second! Hoppers were adjusted?! Pfnoft pfagaif! Wha- what kind of changes?

And A fornicating furniture plugin!? all my armor stand skills! FOR NOTHING! ugh... ahh...
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