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1.11 is coming to supernoobs.net!

Today many of you will have noticed that 1.11 has hit the launcher! I'm pretty excited about it, and I wanted to go over some things that will be happening over the next week in preparation for the new world.

We will be updating to 1.11 next week depending on how stable 1.11 is. Before we update I will post a notice about extended maintenance.

In the meantime you will need to keep your client on into 1.10.*. If you can't connect because of the version, you can usually find plenty of tutorials online, but for the sake of lazy people, here's a link to the first tutorial I found on how to change versions.

Scarlet will not get a world wipe. However, the end and nether will be reset during the process of upgrading to 1.11. Along with Scarlet updating, I will be launching Violet our new Factions server. Much of this information will be reiterated in the bullet points below for those who can't read a wall of text.

And if you need some hype for 1.11, here's a nifty little trailer Mojang put together!

Things That Will Happen When We Update To 1.11(Hopefully)
  • Scarlet
    • End Reset
    • Nether Reset
    • Old chunks recycled - If a chunk has not been loaded in the past two months it will be removed and regenerated to allow new structures to spawn!
    • Dynmap reset - Just to account for the nether/end/and old chunks being recycled
  • Violet New!
    • Factions!
    • Different rules than Scarlet, raiding/griefing/pvp focused server
    • Hopefully serve as an alternative for people who do want to grief so they don't do it on Scarlet. .-.
    • Fresh 1.11 world
edit: The plugins are getting closer to ready, but are still not quite there. Please be patient! <3
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And observer blocks! Factions + observer blocks = player traps EVERYWHERE

Edit: Gonna booby-trap every important natural resource I come across
I've always wanted to get in early on a Factions server so I wasn't going up against people way overpowered and more equipped than I was. This could be good ...