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server update

  1. colorfulchew

    Changelog: 10/26/18

    Fixes and changes Fixed Dynmap Fixed queue worker allowing automated reboots to happen Updated McMMO Updated Jobs Fixed vote plugin Fixed warp plugin (Configs died, oldest backup is August... Many warps gone. Sorry about this. :c) Fixed /craft Readded Helper application until I have more time...
  2. colorfulchew

    A sale, Pets, Jobs reset, Trails, And Oh Yeah. Sweetass Umbrellas.

    Hey peeps, in honor of me having one week off school I've decided to do a bunch of work on the server. Huzzah! To celebrate I'm kicking off a sale which I'll be calling the 'plz help color buy textbooks n' stuff' sale, where everything will be 33.33% off until the end of August! Neat right...
  3. colorfulchew

    Easter and 4/20 Crate, Exploratorium world, and -33.33% sale!

    Hey peeps! I have new things! HERES THE NEW THINGS! New Crate. Easter and 4-20! New World (Exploratorium!) -33.33% Sale from 4/16/17 to 4/23/17 Small note, platinums will need to do /fly again. Exploratorium Important Deets Gets reset monthly. Will be reset on the 16th of EVERY MONTH. PVP is...