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clary's cute

  1. colorfulchew

    I'm sorry my love

    To my dearest love, I’m terribly sorry for forgetting Valentine’s day. I know it means the world to you, as it’s the only day in the year that I will go down on you, and I will try to make it up to you. There are several reasons and tales to share from the great beyond, but you’d never believe...
  2. colorfulchew

    New Rules, Trade Plugin, some updates, Discord <3's Minecraft now

    Hey peeps! I did more changelog stuff which normally would go into a change log, but with the new rules that are being applied I felt it deserved it's own server news thread, so here we go! Boop-a-doop! ~New Rules at the bottom!~ Change log Added trade plugin - You can now do /trade to open a...
  3. colorfulchew

    8/24/17 Changelog

    Scarlet Warp menu no longer has an absurd amount of ------------'s McMMO was updated to hopefully fix Herbalism Additional join messages were added, in addition to allowing donors to choose the default as their message Modified /back to ignore teleports within three blocks of the previously set...
  4. colorfulchew

    Summer Crate & Donation Store Summer Sale 33.33% off

    Hey Noobs! The summer crate is finally here thanks to @ClaryMorgenstern nagging helping me with it. You can now purchase the items at the /warp crate. You'll be happy/annoyed a some of the new server wide special items such as money bags. Money bags gives everyone logged into the server $10K...