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  1. colorfulchew

    Goodbye Super Noobs- for now at least. It's time to shut the doors.

    I love this community- and there is a part of me that still feels guilty for not being more attentive. This is going to be a wordy post, so for those of you with lives tldr: Super Noobs is shutting down it's Mineraft severs June 16th. I'm making a game and graduating college- and I hate you...
  2. colorfulchew

    Changelog: 10/26/18

    Fixes and changes Fixed Dynmap Fixed queue worker allowing automated reboots to happen Updated McMMO Updated Jobs Fixed vote plugin Fixed warp plugin (Configs died, oldest backup is August... Many warps gone. Sorry about this. :c) Fixed /craft Readded Helper application until I have more time...
  3. colorfulchew

    Weekend Maintenance Conclusion.. a.k.a. We 1.13 now bois.

    Hey, thanks for your patience while I worked on stuff! I think I saw someone say there should be some big new features this weekend, but sadly no. This weekend was much more about getting rid of some technical debt so that I can work on getting new features added. I haven't slept, so don't judge...
  4. colorfulchew

    Weekend Downtime

    Hi folks, just a heads up. I'm planning on switching the server to new hardware and upgrading to 1.13.1 this weekend. The server may be unavailable for an extended period, but it's for the greater good! I promise!
  5. colorfulchew

    Staff changes, Server updates

    Hey Noobs. We've been pretty stagnant with our staff structure with promotions, and some of you by now have probably noticed that a few changes have been made already, but I've grown bored of typing sentences, so the rest of this post will be bullet lists because we all know you don't read my...
  6. colorfulchew

    Scarlet Nether Reset

    Nether Reset. Get your shit out
  7. colorfulchew

    Scarlet Monthly Exploratorium Reset

    Every month the Exploratorium will reset with this event.
  8. colorfulchew

    Monthly End Reset

    The monthly purge
  9. colorfulchew

    Are you a sentimental fuck? Download the old world!

    I've created a torrent with the old world file. It's a torrent because it's a 26GB file compressed, for the time being there's also a http source, but that may be removed in the future without notice- so if you don't have a care in the world, seed, seed away! Here's the magnet link...
  10. colorfulchew

    1.12 -> 1.13 Item Transfers

    The time has come that you can sign up to get your items transferred to the new server. It will still be some time before they transfer because I need to write a conversion script for items, but you can at least sign up now! How to get your items transferred: Connect to...
  11. colorfulchew

    Play Towny Scarlet 1.13 NOW - Timeline - More info about transfer process - Amnesty for banned players

    Special thanks to those of you who gave your feedback, and input for what to do for the reset. Including- what many have asked for... A timeline! Quick bits: beta.supernoobs.net has what will be the new server running on it now. Item transfer process is underway. Old Scarlet will be online...
  12. colorfulchew

    For your consideration: 1.13 plans

    Hey noobs, We're on the verge of a new Minecraft update... Like, just around the corner... Any day now! Comonnnn budddy..... As part of that, the server is looking at how to incorporate these changes on Scarlet. So we've been looking at three different plans: Reset the world entirely Do...
  13. colorfulchew

    Website 2.0

    Hey all, I took some time to do some pretty massive updates to the website. It included invalidating all previous code that we were using, so you should expect that somethings are broken, and new features are here. Most notably missing from the current version of the website is the ability to...
  14. colorfulchew

    Extended Leave

    I don't think I've ever really once "officially" taken a break from Super Noobs in the five years that the server has been operating open to public, or the three years before that where I operated it for friends. I suppose I may have, and I'm just forgetting. There have most certainly been times...
  15. colorfulchew

    [Poll] Should we remove the furniture plugin from Scarlet?

    Hey, this is pretty short and simple. I've had a number of people kind of complain about the limits of the furniture plugin and say we should just get rid of it at this point. Complaints are one thing, but I feel that people who use the plugin regularly might not come message me about it. So-...
  16. colorfulchew

    I'm sorry my love

    To my dearest love, I’m terribly sorry for forgetting Valentine’s day. I know it means the world to you, as it’s the only day in the year that I will go down on you, and I will try to make it up to you. There are several reasons and tales to share from the great beyond, but you’d never believe...
  17. colorfulchew

    Chat Update and Weekend Sale 1/3rd off Everything!

    Hey folks! I was thinking about making this a change log, but instead I decided to add a sale to it to boost my ego having more posts on the Server News section. Anyways, I just wanted to formally let you all know that Discord now supports Network chat on Scarlet/Azure/Ruby/Violet. In addition...
  18. colorfulchew

    Feedback Request about Server bots

    Those of you who have joined us on Discord, may have noticed that the bots have avatars. I've been questioning myself on what to make the avatars of these bots. Should I just continue with the theme of different colored supernoobs.net logos as I've done for Violet, or should I make it more...
  19. colorfulchew

    Merry Drunkmas Errrbody

    Hey *hic* every-*hic* body, Thish is color Santa. As you know, *hic* I'm the best dad Santa that ever was, and not just your raging alcoholic father who left you Santa and, *hic* delievereed Chistttmasss right on timeee. Merry Drunkmas. Celebrarttroaating the holdiays, and thsh New Years...
  20. colorfulchew

    Halloween Crate, Halloween Sale -33.33%, and Something Looms Around the Corner ;)

    Greetings Nooblings! I'm pleased to announce that the countdown finally meant something, and that the crate has arrived. Hit the voting sites for the points hard, and get your crate keys, because this one's a doozey. Thanks to the lovely and talented @ClaryMorgenstern for being a wonderful aide...