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  1. Anorak

    What's your favorite IDE/Compiler?

    Kind of a random question, hence the sub-forum. What's your favorite IDE/Compiler? Can for any OS or hardware. I'm just taking some notes on what people prefer to use as I'm kind of stuck to which one I should go for. (These aren't options or anything, just a list of ones I've tried)...
  2. Anorak

    Entry: Anoraki

    Hello, my name is Anoraki. In real life my name is Anoraki, but you can call me Anoraki. Anyways, I first joined the towny server early 2015 under a different account, in which, I gave away to one of my siblings later that year. I started gaming with the Game Cube and grew up through all the...
  3. Anorak

    Solved Auction House on Azure Not Working

    When ever you execute /ah on Azure you will get the message, "An internal error has has occurred while trying to perform this command" Please fix as ah is depended on for trading and getting resources from other players.
  4. Anorak

    Unresolved Unable to toggle permissions for party members

    This bug was found on Azure. I joined CFake's party and when he tried to toggle my permissions, he would click on me but it would go to his permissions. This, of course, worked normally with his head. So, both heads go to one person. I find this strange because when we switched leaders I could...