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  1. Sheriden

    Donated for 250 points and lost 300. 23 Jul

    I donated for 250 points which made my total points to 315 points I believe, I spent 300 points on getting keys at 1.12.2 spawn on 23 Jul, and the 300 points where taken and I got nothing back in return, I believe Enzichan and 13fire where among the staff online at the time and they also...
  2. Sheriden

    For Helpers and above

    Hello, my IGN is Shezzer :D so you all know me ^_^ thats good To get to my point, during my times of being a server owner I preferred to look at all the commands that every user did, now I think its crucial but some may not, and I already know you have a plugin that looks at CERTAIN commands...