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  1. arsongrady

    It's a KELP. No it's not!

    just wanna show you guys what makes us busy these past days. :D this is gonna be a public wool farm. yay! will have 16 different colors, and no. it will not collapse even hundreds of sheeps live there. it is STRUCTURALLY sound. those mighty pillars are preventing them to collapse nearly...
  2. arsongrady

    Can't reset password

  3. arsongrady

    Crate Bonus Points & Money

    ye. i was thinking for it for so long. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: what if we just schedule a certain time to use those items from crate that gives bonus points and money, so that we can have much more bonus points and money scheduled crate item usage=possibly more people online=possibly...
  4. arsongrady


    so before anything else. i want to say happy new year to everyone. so this is my problem. i want to build an auto-sorting storage. a multi sorter one.(multiple items per chest) because its gonna cost a lot of work if i build one chest for every item. i built one i watched on YouTube. i tried it...