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    Goodbye Super Noobs- for now at least. It's time to shut the doors.

    I started playing Minecraft quite late - just after 1.12.2 was released. When I started looking for multiplayer servers, I found Supernoobs and never looked back. Supernoobs a great place to unwind and relax, with just the perfect amount of zaniness added to the mix. As an older gamer, I've...
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    Well, it was up earlier today. Someone may have tried entering a nether portal causing the server to go down (not naming names, but it starts with an 'S' and ends with a 'y') :rolleyes: Will try to get someone to kickstart it.
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    Azure is still working. You will need to login directly at azure.supernoobs.net using 1.12.2.
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    Weekend Maintenance Conclusion.. a.k.a. We 1.13 now bois.

    I've noticed: - hopper minecarts are randomly stopped and/or duplicating themselves - minecart unloaders don't seem to be working
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    Clearlag still eating diamonds

    The plugin allows for whitelisting certain items - diamonds, emeralds, and other select items used to be whitelisted on old scarlet and in theory were carried over to new scarlet. I know NoNiche was tweaking the list, but it sounded like the plugin may not have been honoring the list at that time.
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    So I managed to screw this up from both ends. Molly0 isn't Noob+ and Sturdley lost his Plat.
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    Towny mobs

    They were spread across several chunks, so mob cap isn’t a problem. I have since replaced them and all is fine now.
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    Towny mobs

    I lost about 50 villagers this time around - and all my fish (poor Wanda, Silgar, and Steven...).
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    Sticky Official Contest- Name That Wolf!

    In all fairness, I made the suggestion in jest. The top 5 are much better suited to the wolf than a meme.
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    Arcadia | S-Mart

    Greetings from Arcadia, Nestled in a bay a little ways to the east of spawn is the town of Arcadia. We have plots for residents, shops, and embassies. Arcadia does not charge taxes, and all empty plots are free. Town features include: Arcadia Castle, with an arboretum dome, a "shroom dome", a...
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    Sticky Official Contest- Name That Wolf!

    Moon Moon - a fitting name for a noob.
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    Duck's Wall

    This is thoroughly impressive. It's almost 100 chunks long! The mats are just mind-boggling. Back of the napkin, I'd guess bare minimum of a quarter million blocks of packed ice. Assuming it's hollow. Well done, sir!
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    Explorer Job

    So, I did the map thing. I made several maps in darkened areas on the towny map. No dice. I'll also note that I checked on my private family server and the plugin I'm using there (Jobs Reborn) does award XP just for wandering in unexplored areas - no map-making necessary and it only takes a...
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    Explorer Job

    Map-making would make me a Cartographer, not an Explorer! :p I will give that a try, though.
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    Explorer Job

    Inspired by the Dynmap discussion, I changed one of my job slots to Explorer. After spending some time wandering through a darkened area in both the Exploratorium (15 min) and the Towny world (10 min), I gained 0 XP in the job. I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong or if there is an issue with...