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  • I'm thinking of rejoining the server, but I'm still unsure. One thing I want to know before joining is how many people still actually play on here. The community was one of the best parts of the server so I want to make sure it's not gone before rejoining. thx if anyone sees this. :D
    Actually, there's a little community of new people forming on the server. They clearly want to make the server populated. I think they'd like it if you'd help them with that by playing/inviting people.

    TL;DR: Join, there's players that need friends!
    I'm still here! (hlchristensen42)
    have any of you seen the new zenyatta skin for year of the dog lunar new year??? ITS AMAZING AND I WANT IT SO MUCH AHAAGAHGAHAGHAGAHGAHAG
    shit i meant year of the pig and only just realized
    You're washed up. You're retired. Your kitty looks like a flat tire. Ew. I bet that your kitty real tired. Perfect!
    hit or miss. I guess they never miss huh? You got a boyfriend. I bet he doesn't kiss Ya. He gon find another girl and he wont miss ya. He gon skrrt then hit the dab like wiz khalifa.. You play with them balls like it's FIFA. You want all the levels your the leader OOH. Used to work at Waterburgers now you're popin pussy (idk if that's allowed) for the Warner Brothers and that bangs bro. Shots fired. You're Fired.
    Is there a way to make an automatic farm and still get paid because I tried using pistons to harvest sugar cane, but I didn't get money (yes I joined the farmer job), so if anyone could help that'd be nice
    Such a farm would be against the rules
    lol i was just kidding about leaving the server I just wanted to taunt hugo because he told me to kill myself like twice but whatever im getting him back
    im leaving the server. It was a good time, but I can't handle the stress of Hugo wanting me dead 24/7, so I've apologized to him, and given him a gift. Goodbye, it's been fun
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