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If you haven't already, be sure to drop in and share your opinion on this post https://supernoobs.net/threads/for-your-consideration-1-13-plans.4004/ about whether we should reset with the release of 1.13 or not! Everyones opinion is important and we want to know your opinion. <3
Thank you for those who have been with me the last two months. My father passed away, I sold my house, and work is going 70hrs a week. I’m a bit busy but greatly miss the server.
Have you heard it's time for fishing? For an event? Yeah, go to /warp magievent to get started.
Could ya update your discord link?
Going on vacation this week. Going to miss y'all, but I'll be back in a week! Take care and have fun fellow noobs!

Scheduled Maintenance Tonight @ 1AM MST For... Reasons.

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You heard it here first folks, I'm going to try and not break everything in the exciting installment of me doing some special work on the server tonight. As a result expect the network to be unavailable @ 1AM MST until 2AM MST. If you don't know when that is in your local time, well, Google search will tell you. What a time to be alive! As for those of you prying folks, I'll be posting a change log sometime tomorrow detailing some of the work that has been done. As for now, I'm going to go take a power nap so I can stay up all night. You're my favorite noobs. Always remember that. ;)

Scarlet's Economy

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Economy is one of the first things that made it onto Scarlet from the beginning. And not a lot has changed in the two years that we've been doing economy. Almost every time we try to switch plugins, there's been an issue, duping, items not being sold, and it's been long past due. There's a number of things to address with the economy, and so this post will be lengthy, if you want to comment, I'd ask that you do take the time to read everything to prevent repetitive discussion. So let me give a quick overview of what we are considering, and planning out. Add jobs, in part inspired by this old suggestion http://supernoobs.net/threads/remove-shop-and-add-jobs.783/ Shop Plugin Changes Separate economies Global Would allow the selling of junk items Would not allow the selling of melons Accessible via /sell command. Vendor Stalls(undecided) Separate shops could be made in RPG fashion Specialty items could be bought/sold Might be a melon/cactus vendor which would allow profit to be...

Punishment List

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Something similar to this has been in the super secret staff section of the forums as a tool, but when I was considering updating these, I decided I might as well just make it public knowledge what we punish. And personally, self consciously, I'd just like to throw out there that these punishments are much stricter than they previously had been. Part of this is that I'm sick of seeing people who are banned, then never improve. So, this list will be linked permanently on the magic wiki and show up in the rules. And color said, the punishments shall forever be available at http://supernoobs.net/wiki/punishments/ Or, at least as long as the wiki is still working. You never know. And so now that the scent of magic marker and baby powder is in your nose, let's get onto the list. Broad Punishments Grief 1st Offense -> 1 Month 2nd Offense -> 6 Month Ban 3rd Offense -> Permanent Ban Hacking (x-ray, killaura, speed, fly) Staff Intervention: 1st Offense -> 6 Month Ban 2nd Offense - >...

New Staff!

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So, after several weeks of Winter induced alcoholism, we've finally promoted new staff. New Staff: mdunlavy WinterFish GemStarrk (who is this guy?) Orange_Boulder (I must really be tired) Promotions: Oliver1727 Benchriswii Rojn321 Demotions: HereDoggyDoggy69 Edget

Server Week(late) Changelog 1/14/16

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Network Wide: Added /mail Added /menu as an alias for /bs, might be a little easier to remember for some Scarlet: Changed spawn to make it easier to navigate Join: Added new join/leave messages Added first time joining messages AntiCheat Made Fastbreak/Fastplace not block Disabled Rubberbanding Miscellaneous Changed Random TP radius to 50000 Increased number of tile entities that can be ticked (Hopefully to resolve Redstone issues, potentially beacons as well) Onyx: [Redacted] [Redacted] [Redacted] [Redacted] [Redacted] [Redacted] [Redacted] [Redacted] [Redacted] [Redacted] [Redacted] [Redacted] Cannons

Change log: 1/5/16

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Network wide: Added /hub, /lobby, /scarlet, /azure, and /ruby as command aliases Brought back /[channel] to toggle into chats again (/tc to toggle into town chat for example) Scarlet: Trails Resolved an issue where donors were able to set other people's trails, including non-donors Changed it to say [NoobTrails] because why not? AntiCheat Changed movement checks to help avoid collision with donor pets Changed FastBreak to avoid collisions with McMMO and special server Pickaxe's Increased glide and phase checks to avoid collisions with lifts Few other minor changes to bring balance to the force. Hopefully. Added top town, monthly voter, and McMMO leaderboards in /spawn Added the ability to use /link to link your account on the forums Azure: VIP Perks Added access to /trails Added /backpack Increased price to $25 from $15 Added Cobblestone Ore Generators Allows you to get ore randomly from cobble generators on your island Added leaderboards to /spawn for...

Free Christmas Key Crate and Donation Store Sale, both ending December 31st

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Hey! If you somehow have avoided every single message in game about the keys, let's cover the basics! Head on over to the donation store category, type in your username and then choose "Buy", you will not be charged for this, and it will not ask for your credit card so long as you choose the correct category. Then wait 1-5 minutes, you do not need to log out, but you will need to have an open inventory slot Once you have the key, use the command "/spawn" to head back to our spawn, then head back and to the left until you reach the snow covered crate room Then use the key on the crate with snowflakes falling out Also for the lunatics who have read this far down, there's a temporary 1 in 100 chance of getting a crate key from voting until the 31st. The crate keys must be used by the 31st. The donation store sale will also be ending on the 31st. Also, I love you.

Random TP & recipe command

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Not a whole lot to say here, so I won't waste your time. Here's the new things. /recipe [item] - Looks up the recipe of an item /recipe - Looks up the recipe of the item you're holding While in the recipe menu, clicking on an item will show you that recipe Also new! There's a random teleport in spawn. To the right of the rules board there's a portal. Simply walk through and it will teleport you avoiding all towns. Perfect for finding a new settlement. :D

The Great Purge. A.K.A. Upkeep/Resident Data Cleanup

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It's time to thin the herd. We have 17367 residents (cleared a few months ago), 922 towns, 138 nations, and 80261 claimed chunks in our Towny universe. It's about time we clear some space. And we're going to re-enable upkeep now. A large part of why this has been accumulating is because we were forced to disable upkeep a few buggy Towny patches ago. While we haven't tested in full production, I believe the issue should be fixed now. So, starting next week. (December 17th) we will be re-enabling upkeep, and raising the price on new towns. In the case that... Well. That upkeep doesn't work out the way we hope, we'll be making several backups of the database beforehand and disabling revert on unclaim. Meaning that hopefully if someone were to lose their town we should be able to recover everything with no issue. That doesn't mean you shouldn't worry. You should still be worrying about having enough money in your town banks to cover daily upkeep. Also, keep in mind that with taxes...

New Plugins and Voting System Changes

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So as some of you already know, we have a few new plugins! Among those is a new voting system, a new chat system, and the largely requested /ignore. I'll go over the new commands and the basic idea behind them. Voting: There are no longer any top voter rewards at the end of each month; the voting points and BossShop systems are still in place, however. Your points will carry over and voting as a whole is largely unchanged. There is soon to be cross-server voting and rewards for voting on our other servers, more info on this will come sometime soon™. Commands: /vote - Brings up the vote command menu /vote claim [all | #] - Claims your voting rewards /vote sites - Displays all of the links to the voting sites Chat: Chat has had a pretty huge overhaul; there are still the old channels (General, Town, Nation, Local, and Marry, but no Mayor at the moment, RIP) and some new additions (Help and Trade). Overall it's a lot more tidy (you can scroll over people's usernames to see...

Black Friday Weekend Sale Everything 33.33% off!

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Absolutely everything 33.33% off! Including ranks, which is the first time we've had a sale on them! The sale will end December 1st so make sure to grab what you want before then! We've even updated the donation store! Boo yeah! And yes, I know the sale's been going on since Friday. But I realized this is the one place I haven't mentioned the sale, so might as well. :)

New Voting System

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Starting next month I will be experimenting with a few different voting systems, but the one that seems to be the most promising will change a few things, but let me go over the differences. So, the awkward sad part, the Minecraft-MP top voters will be suspended all together. The rewards that some people are used to getting at the end of every month will end. But onto more exciting things. The new voting system is intended to switch to voting for Super Noobs as a network, instead of just Scarlet getting the love. Currently I anticipate that you will only receive rewards for the server you're online when you vote, or the first one you login first. This means that if you login to Scarlet and vote, you'll get your points same as always, but if you login to Azure instead, you'll get rewards related to Skyblock. I imagine that this will not be without some roadbumps, so sorry about that. We've had a number of comments about wanting to vote for Azure, but not really knowing how...

Screenshot Contest Winners, Voting Rewards, and a Ender Dragon!

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I suck at multi-tasking, and I hate November, so a whopping ten days after I had intended, here's the forum post! First off, the screenshot contest winners! Kerplunky Benchriswii PearlescentMoon So with those results, I think it's safe to say next contest Staff will not be allowed to win. However, all the winners should have a coupon code in your private messages. If you have a problem of course come talk to me. Also, in case you didn't notice the count down on the website, we have an ender dragon fight coming this Saturday! We might have a special surprise planned for you all. ;) That'll be 2PM MST, which translates to 1PM PST, 4PM EST, and 9PM GMT. (Curious what time in your zone? Just search Google for "What time is 2PM MST?") And then the next thing everyone's been asking about is the top voter rewards. Rewards will be delivered tomorrow morning SnowByte Kerplunky Stellate arfermoment TashaTish Sallavar Duck_B0Y Oliver1727 NotSoFamous1 Dionysus96 21georgie benchriswii...
A New Spawn!
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It's about time, and thanks in large part to @PearlescentMoon, we now have a new spawn. Honorable mentions to Circus, and Squishy for their contributions to it as well. evscout57 and TotallyNotChloe are also pimps in their own regard. ^ ^. Anyways, let's get to the details. NPC Quest givers, here NPC @Melon2007 stands by to dispense wisdom of the rules, along with a kit to anyone who wishes to take the test. Here stands several of the admin NPCs bearing even more quests. The whistling by the way signifies that they have a quest you have not completed. But really those are the only screenshots I want to share of the spawn. I want you guys to go to /spawn and check it out! It's rather extraordinary, and shout out to @PearlescentMoon again for bringing this one together so quickly. That being said, keep in mind that we will still be working on spawn! So don't worry about the blanks. We're filling them in with our magic markers. ;)

Screenshot Contest

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This server is beauty, grace, and a random phallic floating object above spawn. But we won't talk about that. SuperNoobs has come back for another beautiful and breath taking screencap contest. Between the months of September and October, 2015, users can submit images of Scarlet and its SuperNoobs showing all that this server has to give. These images can show anywhere from Scarlet's users, the beauty of its waters, and even the hard work that that has hours of our weekends. But what's a contest without prizes? This year the winnings are high, with a grand prize of $75 USD voucher for the donation store, with 2nd place getting a $30 voucher and and $15 voucher. The deadline is October 31st if that wasn't clear. Edit: We may end up using some of the winning screenshots for the background page/Planet Minecraft pages Further edit: Yes, you may submit multiple images Yes, Shaders are permitted Hopefully the last edit: Though you can submit multiple images, you will only have one...

We're resetting the end. Come fight the enderdragon!

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Bring your bows and ally with users who can fly, because it's that time again: The End Reset. The Dragon is coming back for another fight and it's up to the users of Supernoobs to kick it back down to the pits of the End. Look forward to the reset on this Sunday, Sepetember 13th, 1PM MST; prizes include pride and the greatly desired Dragon Egg. (Don't forget your torches or pistons, because once someone gets it, it's gone!) At the time of the reset, the server will go offline for a few minutes while we reset the end. Once we bring it back up, there will be an end portal built in spawn. Upon the death of the Enderdragon we will be giving the item 'Violet Destroyer' out to all players who are online at the time. EDIT: Rescheduling to 2PM MST due to login server complications

Staff Mentorship Program & Staff Application Changes

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Greetings! We've been a server for over two years, and these forums have been around for just as long. So, it's about time we make some changes to the staff approval process. So here it goes. New staff members are to be serve in an apprentice role and have a mentor who is already staff. Currently, as of typing this, only moderators and above are able to be a mentor. When applying for staff, you yourself can choose your mentor so long as they agree. If you do have a mentor who is agreeable to training you, your chances of getting staff are GREATLY increased. If you do not have an agreeable mentor throughout the application process, your chances will be slimmer, but you can still make staff if the factors are still in your favor. You will have a mentor assigned to you in that case. Please keep in mind, annoying staff asking them to be your mentor will factor into our decision about you as staff. You will be interacting with these people on a daily basis. If you lack the social...

For your consideration: 1.13 plans

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Hey noobs, We're on the verge of a new Minecraft update... Like, just around the corner... Any day now! Comonnnn budddy..... As part of that, the server is looking at how to incorporate these changes on Scarlet. So we've been looking at three different plans: Reset the world entirely Do nothing! Spend around 200 hours writing a program to reset JUST unclaimed parts of the world The third option is the biggest time sink, but may yield the best result, aside from some jagged borders from differing seeds. The other augmentation we could incorporate with #2 is the addition of another world (keep in mind Exploratorium would still exist). This would mean that players would be able to go to that world, and BUILD in a fresh 1.13 world that won't be reset. There's space and game-play considerations to be made with that (People get confused by worlds), but it could work out well. I'm looking for feedback on these three options, as well as providing more transparency into my thought...

Website 2.0

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Hey all, I took some time to do some pretty massive updates to the website. It included invalidating all previous code that we were using, so you should expect that somethings are broken, and new features are here. Most notably missing from the current version of the website is the ability to link your Minecraft account. If your account is already linked, fret not, your account is still linked. However- it'll take me a little to learn the changes made to the websites framework and rewrite the code for the linking feature. Also missing is our application system for being promoted to staff. These features will make their way back to the site when back. In the mean time, I hope that you enjoy some of the new goodies. I will also be playing around with different themes and color schemes for you to customize the site with. This was always sort of a not super noticeable feature, but obviously worth mentioning now because of a new website design. Simply scroll down to the bottom, and...
A new website design is here. Check it out people!.

Sticky Event! Fishing Derby!

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Welcome lords and ladies to the first annual summer fishing derby! Bring your boats, fishing poles, and winner's luck for your chance to win! Here's what you need to know. The event starts when this goes live and ends one minute before midnight July 31st. Points will be assigned to items due to rarity. Regular fish will start at 1 but super awesome epic items will be 10 (see list at the end of this post). There will be chests set up at /warp magievent with your username and mine locking them. You can only have one chest. You are encouraged to use /warp fishing for your fishing. No bringing in outside items to store in chests it will be considered cheating. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified. Cheating is defined as using outside items to up your stats, stealing, griefing, interfering with other participants in any way, or trying to bribe your way to victory. You can use enchanted fishing rods. The rules are subject to change if more must be added they will be. You...


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