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If you haven't already, be sure to drop in and share your opinion on this post https://supernoobs.net/threads/for-your-consideration-1-13-plans.4004/ about whether we should reset with the release of 1.13 or not! Everyones opinion is important and we want to know your opinion. <3
Thank you for those who have been with me the last two months. My father passed away, I sold my house, and work is going 70hrs a week. I’m a bit busy but greatly miss the server.
Have you heard it's time for fishing? For an event? Yeah, go to /warp magievent to get started.
Could ya update your discord link?
Going on vacation this week. Going to miss y'all, but I'll be back in a week! Take care and have fun fellow noobs!

Halloween: Hallow's Tear & Halloween Sale

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There's been a rift to another world that has opened! Use /warp hallowstear (edit: use /warp crate and go into the portal on your left for now) to venture into the broken world. From October 31st-November 6th, the Halloween World will remain open, and the donation store has a sale going on. So be sure to go check it out. Sale Halloween Only: Crate Keys 66.66% off! Scarlet & Azure & Ruby Ranks, points, staff heads 33.33% off! Consumables 66.66% off! Attractions Quests Several quests that grant crate keys! Spot quest givers by the notes above their head Custom Mobs Witches, Zombies, Skeletons, and something special… The pumpkin king spawns every 90 minutes. Crate Get to the crate by doing /warp hallows tear, then proceeding through the portal. The NPC and crate will be immediately to your left Over 30 items! Special Food Items Keys start at just 25 points per key! Attribution All the love belongs to the newly formed Events Committee. Lets look forward to more things like...

Build Competition Results!

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to some more juicy build competition information; this time, the decided winners of the build comp! There was not a big turn out at all in terms of the number of participants and the running of another competition is hanging in the void. If more people put up a hand of interest, I may run another. Without further delay, here are the chosen winners after tallying up the scores I had received. -------------------First Place---------------------- Zatrid159 -------------------Second Place---------------------- circusnarwhal -------------------Third Place---------------------- iMJF -------------------Honorable Mentions---------------------- Thank you to WinterFish and Falling_upward for also entering last months build competition! Everyone had such lovely concepts and the difficulty to pick between them all was elevated. I hope to see you all participating in the next competition, hopefully with some new faces on the build scene. If you have...

Official SuperNoobs Build Competition!?!

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DON'T FORGET TO ENTER IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST OR YOUR PLOT WILL NOT BE JUDGED. Howdy everyone! Pearl here! What is this heading? A build competition?! Such nonsense, can't possibly be true. BUT WAIT... IT IS?!! That's right folks, this is a post for a build competition. The factors of this build competition are as follows: You will have 2 weeks, starting from today to build an item/plot related to a given theme in our creative server, Ruby. (Do /ruby while in game to get there) The time limit is only 2 weeks as it is a smaller competition. There will be bigger competitions a month long at most in the future. The supernoobs.net build team will be the judges for this competition and therefore CANNOT participate. THE CRITERIA ARE AS NOTED: THEME: SPACE (Use your imagination, as you will be judged on this. No copying build tutorials.) TIME: 2 WEEKS. TILL THE 25TH OF JULY. PLACE: OUR CREATIVE SERVER, RUBY. (/RUBY) --------------Prizes---------------------------------- 1st...

Scarlet End Reset Saturday, June 11th

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Hiya folks! This Saturday I will be resetting the end at "high noon"(12PM MDT! The enderdragon will respawn and... All of those tasty Elytra's will be reset. I hope you look forward to it as little as I do! As part of this, it is necessary for me to shut down the server to cleanup files for the End, then the server will be brought back online. Happy crafting! Ninja edit: Those of you who caught the last survey, you should have your points now.

Memorial Day Weekend Sale

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Heyo folks! Summer's here, and that's an exciting thing for many a noob. I for one anticipate grilling many a burger while playing, and that alone has me excited. I just wanted to get this out here before the weekend hit, so here's the post! Sale Memorial Day Weekend Sale, from now until May 30th things are on sale over on the shop Survey Not very long, but take our end of month survey here Change Log Scarlet: Automated Mutes Added console messages warning players about their next warning be a mute Added how many warnings they have received to the automated message Changed network chat command from /n to /ne Added Noobs Against Humanity (See this post) Voting Added in game chat reminders to vote Fixed /menu to link to the keyshop correctly

Noobs Against Humanity - A new plugin

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Howdy folks! Some of you are already aware of it's existence on the server as I've been somewhat testing it, but I'm happy to finally talk about it here. Noobs Against Humanity is a Cards Against Humanity plugin played entirely in Minecraft via an inventory GUI. I coded the plugin myself, and have a post on my blog about that bit here. You can enable different packs, and import your own packs from CardCast with the command /nah cardcast <code> As of now, the plugin is running on Scarlet. Type /nah to get started, and if you see a bug be sure to let me know!


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Key Changes Network Updated to 1.9.4 OldScarlet Shutting Down Pets available to donors on old scarlet Increase in town bank capacity Greetings folks! I'm happy to say that the network has now been upgraded to 1.9.4. Update your clients! In addition, OldScarlet will now be discontinued. In the past two weeks there have been two vaults submitted, so.. I think that server's reached it's EOL, plus, the chat plugin has been bugging out because of it being on the same network. For those of you that played on the 1.8 server, an old feature is making it's way back onto the server! The pet plugin! Now donors are able to get a pet, ride it around, tickle it's scrotum, and have a grand ole' time!

Jobs Fuckup

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Unfortunately, it seems I am not smart sometimes. So, here's the brief on jobs. While trying to increase the amount of output you get from doing jobs, I somewhat over did it. And I did it in the worst way possible. Took me until today to realize the fuck up. I messed up the equation that determined how much xp you required to level. So. I've fixed that. Trouble is, we have several players who are now at such a high level that the jobs plugin is out of whack. So, rather than try and decrease the amount of money you make to balance the scale, I'm going to do a "semi-rollback" on jobs levels. I've done my best to recalculate what level you should be at had I not messed up the formula in the first place, and calculated that. I understand that several players will be upset their level was decreased, however, it didn't sit right with me for one player to have earned levels easier than other players, so that's why this fix was put in place. I will not be reverting the money earned by...

May Voting Update

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Howdy folks! Couple new things! 1st, there's a new voting crate available. Vote for the server, type /warp crate, or /keyshop. Also, we have top voter rewards. Honestly, I have no idea when they will trigger or if they will work on the first go, but here's the details on the rewards. 1st - 1000 points 2nd - 750 points 3rd - 600 points 4th - 500 points 5th - 400 points 6th - 300 points 7th - 200 points 8th - 150 points 9th - 100 points 10th - 100 points You can see how you stack up in the top voting with the command /topvotersmonthly, or the top voters stand in spawn.

Happy 4/20

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Of all the holidays we've celebrated here on super noobs, we haven't ever done a 4/20... Now, I'm not entirely certain this is a good idea, I've added a drugs plugin for the day. Happy 4/20. As for how to use the drugs, shift+right click with sugar, or shift+right click with cactus green. Or watch this video I made in my sleep deprived state of being. And so, I've been doing a pretty poor job of keeping track of the changes I've made recently, so I'll just shove the few that did make it into my list in this post. Network Wide: Updated tab list to reflect all the servers Flight mode is now retained upon logging in Fixed /joinmenu for donors Added network chat, chat across all the servers in the supernoobs.net family! Added cross server messages Scarlet Identified main cause of the mega lag, put temporary steps together to fix it, working on more permanent solution Fixed mob spawn rate issues

April Fool's Change Log

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Actually reading this thing? You might want to know there's an April Fool's weekend sale on the donation store! Start's April 1st, and runs through April 3rd! http://shop.supernoobs.net/ Network Wide Change tell message format Updated to 1.9.2 Forums Added /link to every server Added staff application form Added Ruby VIP to forums Added Azure VIP to forums Fixed default avatar URLs Added social media links in the top right Changed background scrawl Added pink and green website color schemes Resolved Gmail Issues New User Ranks Newbie - 0 pts Casual Noob - 5 pts Smelly Noob - 10 pts Mega Noob - 25 pts True Noob - 50 pts Casual Racist - 100 pts Scarlet Towny: Added comayor rank Added town bank limits (see economy section) Farm plot added, use /plot set farm and residents will only be able to break and place crops, and kill farm animals Added mayor chat Tab: Added new server stats Added network player count Added location (Creepy, but important to note that you're the only...

New Staff Application System

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~~Bleep bloop bleep!~~ We've changed the way we do staff applications on the server Rather than dig into the forums, post a new thread, copy the format, and do the rest of that garbage it's much simpler, it's on the sidebar, and is more of a "fill in the blank" type system. Granted, if you're just wanting to rock-out and party right away here. Along with a Builder one...

First Vault Wave

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I'm sure many of you have been anxiously awaiting this, and many of you have been not so subtle about that anxiety, but here it is. Hopefully. You should now be seeing your vaults on Scarlet 1.9 via /pv 1 & /pv 2. If your vault didn't transfer at all, please contact me. But it's important that you take your items out of your vault on the new server. The vault storage is by no means permanent, and the plugin will be removed in the near future. Again, if you have an issue, please get in contact with a staff member. edit: IF YOUR NAME IS NOT IN THIS LIST, YOU DID NOT DO /callmovers AND SHOULD GO DO THAT IF YOU WANT YOUR VAULT MOVED All vaults moved: NeopolitanDream, LukeShaiwalker, SlapMyNuts, XXXQQQ2, benchriswii, iPineappleParade, Bangmyteastytwt, NotSoFamous1, arfermoment, Deadislander, TheConky, Town_Mayor, NiplGoat, Expelllliarmus, TotallyNotChloe, MostFamous, PinkCookie_101, MisCookieMonster, GoddessOfPizza, CreepahGriefah, FakeBakn3, Infernalized, Kerplunky, Nyaancat...

3/12/16 Changelog

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Scarlet Updated to 1.9 Fixes Dealt with the major lag issues Disabled light system Added /rtp back in Dynmap is now updated McMMO repair chances back to our custom settings ;) Towny Upkeep/Taxes are now collected daily Pricing Update Town Cost: 1000 Town Upkeep: 100 Nation Cost: 25000 Nation Upkeep: 1000 Donor perks Added /joinmenu: Choose your join/leave message Added /hat <block> for Gold+ Updated SilkSpawners to 1.9 Ruby Updated to the 1.9 thing Azure Updated to 1.9 Fixes New shop sign system New money system…

Vault instructions

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Edit: Just connect to any supernoobs.net on 1.8 and you'll be forwarded to the 1.8 server Okay, so, the vaults are in. Every player gets two vaults, accessible via /pv 1 & 2. The size of said vaults is determined by the donation rank. Normal players will get 1 row, Bronze 2, Silver 3, Gold 4, Diamond 5, with Platinum getting 6 rows. So, here's what you need to do. You need to login on a Minecraft 1.8 client, connect to supernoobs.net, then do /server oldscarlet, load up your stuff, then do /callmovers. And that's it! Give us a day or two to verify the contents of your vault and we'll move it. Keep in mind, we reserve the right to not move any item we deem to not work in the new world, and we'll leave a note with what we removed and why. After that, you can login to the new server and use /pv 1 & 2 again to retrieve your valuables. Welcome to your new home.

Scarlet 3.0 FAQ

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Okay, I decided to take some time and write this post so I don't waste time repeating myself. Expect me to edit this page frequently with questions that are asked, and don't be offended when you get a link to this page in response to a question. Q: Will money transfer? A: No Q: Will my inventory transfer? A: No, players will be receiving a vault Q: Will McMMO transfer? A: Yes Q: When will the vault system be completed? A: By the end of the week, but currently the focus is to get Towny, money, and everything on that side up and running ASAP so that players can play in the new world Q: How big will vaults be? A: If you're a donor, same size as a backpack, if not, 1 row. Q: How big will the optional WorldEdit be? A: The WorldEdit will kill the admins. So, we honestly don't want to do this option very much. And we don't want to go around saving worthless builds. But the players who use this server to build entire beautiful towns, we feel for. So... Currently, this is still up in...

Super Noobs 1.9 & Scarlet 3.0

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If this post doesn't cover everything, PLEASE, read the FAQ http://supernoobs.net/threads/scarlet-3-0-faq.2458/ As many of you surely know by now, Minecraft 1.9 was released today. I've rewritten those post many different times in planning for 1.9, but now is the time to start talking about our plans for 1.9. And so, yes. We will be updating to 1.9 Azure, and Ruby fall into the category of not having very many version specific features, and should be relatively easy to get upgraded. By the end of the week that portion of supernoobs.net should be all running on 1.9. Scarlet however is an old horse. And well, to put things lightly, I'm going to shoot that horse in the head. It's been a little over two years since the last time we had a world reset on Scarlet. And it's high time that we finally reset it. So, in the coming week, a 1.9 version of Scarlet will be run in parallel to the current 1.8 server. This allows us to bring features of plugins online as they become available to...

February 24th Changelog

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Scarlet: ~New~ Added /warp - Shows a GUI with a list of warps Added /rules - Displays the rules (duh) Added /ping - Prints your ping in ms (Helpful for diagnosing lag) Added /staff - Displays a list of all online staff members Added /staffhelp - Privately messages all online staff members Added /joinmenu (or /bs), allows you to customize your join/leave message, join messages currently only available for Platinum Donators, once more messages are added I will spread them throughout the ranks Added /crafting (aliases: /craft, /workbench, /craftingtable) for Bronze donors to open crafting tables on the go! /mario and secrets Marriage: Allow players to divorce when their partner is offline Fixes and tweaks Fixed Dynmap thanks to the several hours of downtime yesterday morning http://supernoobs.net:8123/ Ban page now shows Scarlet correctly Disabled NoFall check with NARC due to players in /fly glitching when falling Azure: ~~New~~ Added /biomemenu (Prices subject to change)...

Scheduled Extended Night Maintenance 2/9/16

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Thankfully, and finally, the new server hardware has arrived. And as such, I'll have to take down the server to do maintenance on it. I'm unsure if the processor on the new server will perform enough for Scarlet, so here's the plan. I'm going to be migrating Scarlet, the website, and a few behind the scenes things over to the new hardware, while leaving Azure, Ruby, and Onyx to live on the current hardware. If Scarlet is too much for the new processor(which I suspect it might be) due to Minecraft's lovely nature of performing most actions on a single thread, I'll do another server migration switching Azure, Ruby, and Onyx out to live on the new hardware while Scarlet takes up the old hardware. We've been getting cramped on the amount of ram available for a while now, and it's starting to creep in as the player count rises. This should be more than enough. As with any server migration I expect there will be a lot of headaches on my end, and a lot of antsy players wanting to play...

2/3/16 Change Log a.k.a. The Valentines Update

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Network Wide Added kebabs(?) Fixed /ignore for in game messages Scarlet Changed player subtext to rotate between points/votes Anti Cheat Re-enabled certain movement checks with relaxed punishments Disabled Spam Checks Player Points Gave players permission to use /points pay to pay other players in points Marriage Changed /marry plugins Added hearts into chat, grey = single, red = married Valentines Crate Assigned Rarity to Items, rare items will show up less frequently in crates. Added Keys Into The Donation Store Key shop still construction, currently accessible via /bs cratekeys. Will be touching up more later. Possible Items: Legendary Cupid's Bow $10 Million Cupid's Armor Rare 500 Points Poon Slayer Slime Spawner Witch Spawner Creeper Spawner The Penetrator 500 Levels Unbreaking X Book Efficency X Book Villager Spawner 64 Emerald Blocks Looting 5 Book Fortune 5 Book $1 Million 64 Diamond Blocks Uncommon 100 Points Magma Cube 32 Emerald Blocks Lover's Armor...


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