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Super Noobs

Super Noobs is a Minecraft server community! Come play on Scarlet, our towny server!

Absolutely everything 33.33% off! Including ranks, which is the first time we've had a sale on them! The sale will end December 1st so make sure to grab what you want before then!

We've even updated the donation store! Boo yeah!

And yes, I know the sale's been going on since Friday. But I realized this is the one place I haven't mentioned the sale, so might as well. :)
Starting next month I will be experimenting with a few different voting systems, but the one that seems to be the most promising will change a few things, but let me go over the differences.

So, the awkward sad part, the Minecraft-MP top voters will be suspended all together. The rewards that some people are used to getting at the end of every month will end.

But onto more exciting things. The new voting system is intended to switch to voting for Super Noobs as a network, instead of just Scarlet getting the love. Currently I anticipate that you will only receive rewards for the server you're online when you vote, or the first one you login first.

This means that if you login to Scarlet and vote, you'll get your points same as always, but if you login to Azure instead, you'll get rewards related to Skyblock. I imagine that this will not be without some roadbumps, so sorry about that. We've had a number of comments about wanting to vote for Azure, but not really knowing how.

Along with this, I plan on changing the IP address advertised to players from scarlet.supernoobs.net to supernoobs.net. I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but worse case scenario, I end up rolling back everything to how it is now. But hopefully it works out well. :)
Howdy folks,
After playing on a skyblock server for a bit, I thought it was time to nag color into finishing our very own supernoobs.net skyblock server, Azure! ^0^
/server azure is open to the public access and now fully functional for your enjoyment. I am currently working on the shop for the server, so some items may not be available by the time you choose to play, but it should be fully available within the next day at /warp shop.

Did you guys know we have 4 servers in total under supernoobs.net? no? Well, you learn new things every day. ;) If you did, a big pat on the back to you, but... really, lets get at least Azure up and running and see some activity! ^-^

I'll be on both /server scarlet and /server azure, so if you ever feel lonely about going on azure when no one's on, feel free to chuck me a message and I'll probably pop over with you. :)

If you have any suggestions about Azure, feel free to leave a forum post in the 'server suggestions box' and tag/title it relevant to Azure; we'll be sure to check it out and hear(well, read ;P) you out! Anything from pricing suggestions to bugs, better plug ins, etc.

-Although please take note, these prices are for the added challenge to skyblock, give it a whirl before you think it's too hard!-
-/challenges brings up a list of tasks to complete with money, exp and material rewards, don't forget!-

Anyway, that's all there is too it! Come visit Azure and relish in skyblock awesomeness! ^-^

Have fun!
~Supernoobs.net staff team
I suck at multi-tasking, and I hate November, so a whopping ten days after I had intended, here's the forum post! First off, the screenshot contest winners!
  1. Kerplunky
    The Treasury.png
  2. Benchriswii
  3. PearlescentMoon
So with those results, I think it's safe to say next contest Staff will not be allowed to win. However, all the winners should have a coupon code in your private messages. If you have a problem of course come talk to me.

Also, in case you didn't notice the count down on the website, we have an ender dragon fight coming this Saturday! We might have a special surprise planned for you all. ;) That'll be 2PM MST, which translates to 1PM PST, 4PM EST, and 9PM GMT. (Curious what time in your zone? Just search Google for "What time is 2PM MST?")

And then the next thing everyone's been asking about is the top voter rewards. Rewards will be delivered tomorrow morning
  1. SnowByte
  2. Kerplunky
  3. Stellate
  4. arfermoment
  5. TashaTish
  6. Sallavar
  7. Duck_B0Y
  8. Oliver1727
  9. NotSoFamous1
  10. Dionysus96
  11. 21georgie
  12. benchriswii
  13. jam3z95
  14. Tesssss7
  15. Andysit7564
  16. BabblingBunny
  17. KariKurriKrafter
  18. Laserslug
  19. Nixykitten10
  20. TC_tyfr68
  21. Niels_De_Crock
  22. Anoose
  23. colorfulchew
  24. DrippinDuchess
  25. SlapMyNuts
  26. Eidcul
  27. Kugar
  28. limit9
  29. MogTheMoogle
  30. Nuno1fan
Heya guys! We have a new feature in game... The Auction House! Use of it is fairly straight forward, since it's mostly a GUI, but here are a few of the commands just for the hell of it.

  • /ah - Opens the auction house
  • /ah sell <price> - Lists the item you're holding on the auction house
  • /ah expired - View and manage your cancelled and expired items. (Also available via menu item in /ah)
  • /ah listed - View and manage items you are selling. (Again, also available via the menu item in /ah)
  • /ah help - Lists a help menu that will probably feel familiar to this post.
Join us in spawn Saturday to hop through the portal and kill the Ender Dragon! There'll be booze, and strippers, but most importantly there will be Nabi and Stellate.

While the complete details of the event are still being decided... You might expect a little more than just an enderdragon to show up to fight.

Fifteen minutes before the scheduled time, I will be shutting down the server and resetting the end. I will then reopen the server, and no one will be allowed in the end for another fifteen minutes, which should give everyone plenty of time to sharpen their swords, and make love to their favorite loaf of bread.

Hopefully Mojang doesn't shit themselves like last time, and happy hunting!
It's about time, and thanks in large part to @PearlescentMoon, we now have a new spawn. Honorable mentions to Circus, and Squishy for their contributions to it as well. evscout57 and TotallyNotChloe are also pimps in their own regard. ^ ^. Anyways, let's get to the details.

NPC Quest givers, here NPC @Melon2007 stands by to dispense wisdom of the rules, along with a kit to anyone who wishes to take the test.
Here stands several of the admin NPCs bearing even more quests. The whistling by the way signifies that they have a quest you have not completed. 2015-09-30_06.11.40.png

But really those are the only screenshots I want to share of the spawn. I want you guys to go to /spawn and check it out! It's rather extraordinary, and shout out to @PearlescentMoon again for bringing this one together so quickly.

That being said, keep in mind that we will still be working on spawn! So don't worry about the blanks. We're filling them in with our magic markers. ;)
This server is beauty, grace, and a random phallic floating object above spawn. But we won't talk about that. SuperNoobs has come back for another beautiful and breath taking screencap contest. Between the months of September and October, 2015, users can submit images of Scarlet and its SuperNoobs showing all that this server has to give. These images can show anywhere from Scarlet's users, the beauty of its waters, and even the hard work that that has hours of our weekends. But what's a contest without prizes? This year the winnings are high, with a grand prize of $75 USD voucher for the donation store, with 2nd place getting a $30 voucher and and $15 voucher.

The deadline is October 31st if that wasn't clear.

Edit: We may end up using some of the winning screenshots for the background page/Planet Minecraft pages
Further edit:
Yes, you may submit multiple images
Yes, Shaders are permitted
Hopefully the last edit:

Though you can submit multiple images, you will only have one that can win.
Also keep in mind, it might be a good idea for those of you with lovely towns to submit those, as those would look nice on Planet Minecraft. ;)
Bring your bows and ally with users who can fly, because it's that time again: The End Reset. The Dragon is coming back for another fight and it's up to the users of Supernoobs to kick it back down to the pits of the End. Look forward to the reset on this Sunday, Sepetember 13th, 1PM MST; prizes include pride and the greatly desired Dragon Egg. (Don't forget your torches or pistons, because once someone gets it, it's gone!)

At the time of the reset, the server will go offline for a few minutes while we reset the end. Once we bring it back up, there will be an end portal built in spawn. Upon the death of the Enderdragon we will be giving the item 'Violet Destroyer' out to all players who are online at the time.

EDIT: Rescheduling to 2PM MST due to login server complications
Greetings! Some of you donors may have noticed that I've added /trails for your enjoyment. Here's a couple of details that I should go over.
All trails are available to gold+ donors. Trails can be used at the same time as each other-- Yes. You can have every single trail on at the same time. Trails can be set by doing /trails, or /trail and the exact name of the trail you want. And now, here's a complete list of trails available.
List O Trails:
AngryVillager - Displays the particle effect of a hit villager.
Cloud - Displays a white coud particle effect.
Criticals - Displays the same particle effect of a player hit with an enchanted sword.
DripLava - Displays the particle effect of lava dripping through a block.
DripWater - Displays the particle effect of water dripping through a block.
Enchantment - Displays the particle effect of an enchanting table.
Spark - Displays the particle effect of a firework's trail.
Flame - Displays the particle effect of a torch flame.
HappyVillager - Displays the particle effect when traded with a villager.
InstantSpell - Displays the white crosses.
LargeSmoke - Displays the large version of the smoke effect.
Lava - Displays the lava "Explode" effect.
MagicCrit - Displays blue criticals.
MobSpell - Displays colored swirls.
MobSpellAmbient - Displays faded colored swirls.
Note - Displays the note block particle effect.
Portal - Displays the effect of a lit portal.
RedDust - Displays the effect of powerd redstone.
ColoredRedDust - Displays the effect of colored powerd redstone.
Slime - Displays the effect of a slime ball.
SnowShovel - Displays the small version of the cloud effect.
SnowballPoof - Displays the effect of a snowball hitting a block.
Spell - Displays a white swirl effect.
Splash - Displays a water particle effect.
TownAura - Displays the...