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Super Noobs

Super Noobs is a Minecraft server community! Come play on Scarlet, our towny server!

Heya guys! We have a new feature in game... The Auction House! Use of it is fairly straight forward, since it's mostly a GUI, but here are a few of the commands just for the hell of it.

  • /ah - Opens the auction house
  • /ah sell <price> - Lists the item you're holding on the auction house
  • /ah expired - View and manage your cancelled and expired items. (Also available via menu item in /ah)
  • /ah listed - View and manage items you are selling. (Again, also available via the menu item in /ah)
  • /ah help - Lists a help menu that will probably feel familiar to this post.
Join us in spawn Saturday to hop through the portal and kill the Ender Dragon! There'll be booze, and strippers, but most importantly there will be Nabi and Stellate.

While the complete details of the event are still being decided... You might expect a little more than just an enderdragon to show up to fight.

Fifteen minutes before the scheduled time, I will be shutting down the server and resetting the end. I will then reopen the server, and no one will be allowed in the end for another fifteen minutes, which should give everyone plenty of time to sharpen their swords, and make love to their favorite loaf of bread.

Hopefully Mojang doesn't shit themselves like last time, and happy hunting!
It's about time, and thanks in large part to @PearlescentMoon, we now have a new spawn. Honorable mentions to Circus, and Squishy for their contributions to it as well. evscout57 and TotallyNotChloe are also pimps in their own regard. ^ ^. Anyways, let's get to the details.

NPC Quest givers, here NPC @Melon2007 stands by to dispense wisdom of the rules, along with a kit to anyone who wishes to take the test.
Here stands several of the admin NPCs bearing even more quests. The whistling by the way signifies that they have a quest you have not completed. 2015-09-30_06.11.40.png

But really those are the only screenshots I want to share of the spawn. I want you guys to go to /spawn and check it out! It's rather extraordinary, and shout out to @PearlescentMoon again for bringing this one together so quickly.

That being said, keep in mind that we will still be working on spawn! So don't worry about the blanks. We're filling them in with our magic markers. ;)
This server is beauty, grace, and a random phallic floating object above spawn. But we won't talk about that. SuperNoobs has come back for another beautiful and breath taking screencap contest. Between the months of September and October, 2015, users can submit images of Scarlet and its SuperNoobs showing all that this server has to give. These images can show anywhere from Scarlet's users, the beauty of its waters, and even the hard work that that has hours of our weekends. But what's a contest without prizes? This year the winnings are high, with a grand prize of $75 USD voucher for the donation store, with 2nd place getting a $30 voucher and and $15 voucher.

The deadline is October 31st if that wasn't clear.

Edit: We may end up using some of the winning screenshots for the background page/Planet Minecraft pages
Further edit:
Yes, you may submit multiple images
Yes, Shaders are permitted
Hopefully the last edit:

Though you can submit multiple images, you will only have one that can win.
Also keep in mind, it might be a good idea for those of you with lovely towns to submit those, as those would look nice on Planet Minecraft. ;)
Bring your bows and ally with users who can fly, because it's that time again: The End Reset. The Dragon is coming back for another fight and it's up to the users of Supernoobs to kick it back down to the pits of the End. Look forward to the reset on this Sunday, Sepetember 13th, 1PM MST; prizes include pride and the greatly desired Dragon Egg. (Don't forget your torches or pistons, because once someone gets it, it's gone!)

At the time of the reset, the server will go offline for a few minutes while we reset the end. Once we bring it back up, there will be an end portal built in spawn. Upon the death of the Enderdragon we will be giving the item 'Violet Destroyer' out to all players who are online at the time.

EDIT: Rescheduling to 2PM MST due to login server complications
Greetings! Some of you donors may have noticed that I've added /trails for your enjoyment. Here's a couple of details that I should go over.
All trails are available to gold+ donors. Trails can be used at the same time as each other-- Yes. You can have every single trail on at the same time. Trails can be set by doing /trails, or /trail and the exact name of the trail you want. And now, here's a complete list of trails available.
List O Trails:
AngryVillager - Displays the particle effect of a hit villager.
Cloud - Displays a white coud particle effect.
Criticals - Displays the same particle effect of a player hit with an enchanted sword.
DripLava - Displays the particle effect of lava dripping through a block.
DripWater - Displays the particle effect of water dripping through a block.
Enchantment - Displays the particle effect of an enchanting table.
Spark - Displays the particle effect of a firework's trail.
Flame - Displays the particle effect of a torch flame.
HappyVillager - Displays the particle effect when traded with a villager.
InstantSpell - Displays the white crosses.
LargeSmoke - Displays the large version of the smoke effect.
Lava - Displays the lava "Explode" effect.
MagicCrit - Displays blue criticals.
MobSpell - Displays colored swirls.
MobSpellAmbient - Displays faded colored swirls.
Note - Displays the note block particle effect.
Portal - Displays the effect of a lit portal.
RedDust - Displays the effect of powerd redstone.
ColoredRedDust - Displays the effect of colored powerd redstone.
Slime - Displays the effect of a slime ball.
SnowShovel - Displays the small version of the cloud effect.
SnowballPoof - Displays the effect of a snowball hitting a block.
Spell - Displays a white swirl effect.
Splash - Displays a water particle effect.
TownAura - Displays the...
Greetings! We've been a server for over two years, and these forums have been around for just as long. So, it's about time we make some changes to the staff approval process. So here it goes.

New staff members are to be serve in an apprentice role and have a mentor who is already staff. Currently, as of typing this, only moderators and above are able to be a mentor. When applying for staff, you yourself can choose your mentor so long as they agree. If you do have a mentor who is agreeable to training you, your chances of getting staff are GREATLY increased. If you do not have an agreeable mentor throughout the application process, your chances will be slimmer, but you can still make staff if the factors are still in your favor. You will have a mentor assigned to you in that case.

Please keep in mind, annoying staff asking them to be your mentor will factor into our decision about you as staff. You will be interacting with these people on a daily basis. If you lack the social ability to not annoy these people, you likely aren't suitable for staff.

Along with change, you will see that our Submission Format post has been updated, along with an example staff application of what we expect to see. Please note that plagiarism of the example staff application is probably the dumbest thing you could do, and will be grounds for immediate rejection of your application.

Questions and comments are welcome.
Be sure to check here for this months votes and if you have no idea where we get these votes from, this is the specific site we get the votes from.

The June armor sets are
2015-07-01_01.27.13.png 2015-07-01_01.27.15.png 2015-07-01_01.27.16.png
Please note that the armor sets are un-breaking and will change each month
Top 10 Voters
  • 20 diamond blocks
  • 10 emerald blocks
  • $500K
  • 200 town bonus blocks
  • All four pieces of armor
Top 20 Voters
  • 10 diamond blocks
  • 5 emerald blocks
  • $250K
  • 100 town bonus blocks
  • Chest plate and Leggings
Top 30 Voters
  • 10 diamond blocks
  • 5 emerald blocks
  • $100K
  • 50 town bonus blocks
  • Chest plate
Top 10 Voters for June
#1 Stellate
#2 Kerplunky
#3 Niels_De_Crock
#4 TashaTish
#5 Oliver1727
#6 0PasisePwn0
#7 SlapMyNuts
#8 benchriswii
#9 Silentrunner1
#10 Easau
Top 20 Voters for June
#11 montague_ss14
#12 lonefly
#13 SaitoHikari1131
#14 colorfulchew
#15 Seffora
#16 hundalex1
#17 Sallavar
#18 GodsLeftHand898
#19 greenturtle407
#20 Nabi
Top 30 Voters for June
#21 Laserslug
#22 NotsoFamous1
#23 Minecrafter194
#24 OppenBYEmer
#25 Neo_Ar
#26 Tiemen222
#27 BlueSilurian
#28 DurpTurdle
#29 mechanicalbride
#30 Ky_Ando
So, for the entire time that we've been around, we've only had two ranks. One, VIP, which did pretty much nothing, and the assistant rank. The one change we did make along the way was allowing assistants to build in the town even if perms were turned off. But it's high time for some new stuff! So, let's get to it.

The first new rank Builder, is able to build anywhere in town that isn't owned by another player even if it's build perms are disabled. This rank is only useful to towns that restrict players to building in their own plot, which is highly recommended anyways.

The second new rank is CoMayor shares most permissions as a mayor. So, for the sake of formatting, here's a list.
  • Access to the command /towny top
  • Ability to withdraw using /t withdraw
  • Ability to buy claim plots back to the town from a resident using /plot claim
  • Ability to build in their own town (same as builder)
  • Access to mayor chat via /ma
These changes aren't anything that should change many towns, but it should be useful for those who know what to do with it. Best of luck to you all!
Greetings gentlefolks, we have maintenance scheduled for the 5th of May. The server will be down for a minimum of four hours starting at 1AM MST. Here's a short, but sweet list of the things I hope too accomplish.
  • Fix the bans pages
  • Update the built in shop plugin
  • Add spawners to the server shops
So, since that's about it. I'm going to ramble on for a couple minutes about pie. Don't you just love pie? I love it. You should too! Well. I don't really like pie. Or cake. Or ice cream. Not really a sweets kinda guy. But burgers? Steak? Ooo yeah. I'm all about the beef. And not really in a gay way. But maybe. Probably not. More of a roast beef kinda- You know what, I'm stopping. If you've read to this point, I'm sorry. But thank you. It'll make me sleep that much better tonight. :')

edit: OOOOOO I can't believe I forgot this part.
Please, take a look at the new shop prices and leave comments on the google doc. HERE